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Development Manager Cronacle
Redwood Software
  • North Holland, Netherlands
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I have played with computers for the last twenty-five years, and was fortunate enough to be able to turn my hobby into a paid job. I love to work in a job where I am required to think, not just merely enter in the numbers, and am lucky enough that I have been able to do this for most of my working life.

As a young child I was always fascinated by electronics. I had the Radio Shack 30 in 1, followed by the 200 in 1, as well as working on various circuits purchased as kits, or made from magazines. I was always fascinated by the way that these small building blocks became bigger building blocks, and finally actual usable "things". The only downside to electronics as a young child is that they rapidly became expensive, so when my parents first bought a computer, a Commodore 64, in 1983 I instantly fell in love. Of course I played games on it, then I started typing in some of the games from the magazines, then I started to wonder what those numbers actually meant in those data lines, and what was a PEEK and POKE anyway?

Well, from there it was just a slippery slope into full-on geekdom. I took the computer studies in high school to learn some more, but it ended up just being incredibly easy marks as I pretty much knew everything from that course already. In upper high school I managed to convince my teachers to let me do computer studies instead of having to do sport, I was the only person at my school who did this.

From high school I got into University, where I went to the University of Western Australia. There I studied computer science and mathematics, and was in the first years intake of the (then) brand new Bachelor of Computer Science and Mathematics. While at UWA I joined the University Computer Club (UCC), even becoming the secretary at one point. I really loved the UCC, yes, it was full of nerds, but I fitted right in. That, combined with UNISFA, the science fiction club, chewed up a lot of my spare time.

Over the summer holidays I was kinda bored, and wanted to write something "real", and spoke to a few of my colleagues about ideas. I ended up writing an FTP daemon for OS/2 over the summer break, this in turn led to my first job, since a local company was looking for developers experienced in both OS/2 and network programming. I sent them an e-mail, and the following Monday I was sitting behind a desk in their office.

That was when my hobby became my career. I suddenly discovered that people were prepared to pay me for doing what I loved. I took a year off from uni, and went and worked for ERG. In hindsight, I was very lucky to have this as a first job, as it set my bar very high for what I expected out of a job. That, along with an excellent management structure, and some awesomely intelligent co-workers set me on the right path to getting what I wanted out of life.

After working two years full time, I went part time with ERG, actually it was Vector by then, but I was doing the same project, and went back to uni to get my honours degree.

When I finished uni, I had decided that I wanted to travel, and see some of the world that was not Australia, and so wanted to work overseas. Luckily for me, a Dutch company happened to be recruiting at my university, so I applied, and got a job in the Netherlands, and have never looked back.

Personally, I have a Mac, and love it. I like the level of design that Apple puts into its products. They typify my motto that design is not skin deep. Of course, there are many types of design, and industrial design, and graphic design are only two forms. Code design is also important, and making nicely architected piece of code is something that makes me happy.

On my servers, I run linux. Mostly because it is free, and does everything that I need it to do, and I know how to make it do everything that I need easily. In the early days of my linux usage, I was using it to "learn something new", now I use it because it works.


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Development Manager Cronacle
Redwood Software

2004 – Current

Originally employed as a Senior Java Developer, I have since been promoted Development Manager for our European development team. In this role I am responsible for managing fifteen employees spread across three offices, in three different countries. Alongside this role, I am also involved in design and implementation discussions, as well as being an active developer on the Cronacle project.

My management duties include:

  • Doing yearly performance and remuneration reviews
  • Doing day to day progress management
  • Providing technical assistance on an as-needed basis
  • Providing HR issues assistance on an as-needed basis

Due to some external requirements that there be no 3rd party code shipped with the product, there were some very interesting problems that had to be solved. Some of the more interesting things that I worked on as a developer were:

  • Wrote a templating engine to be used in the build process to generate Java code from a model that was written in XML. This also included an ant task to call the template engine, and a syntax highlighting Eclipse plugin.
  • Along with two colleagues, we wrote an object-database wrapper. This had several different levels, an external API that was presented to the user, an internal API that could be used by our developers, and a database model to store the data for long-term usage. I was primarily responsible for the first two layers, and have been responsible for maintaining all three layers.
  • Wrote a SQL parser in JavaCC. This was used to take user SQL and convert it to database SQL, along the way also injecting additional SQL to perform the equivalent of a database security view.
  • Wrote a security model. This defined the security characteristics in the model XML, and then generated the appropriate code to verify that the user was allowed to modify, create or delete an object. When issuing select statements it generated the appropriate SQL so that only the objects that the user was allowed to see were returned.

Senior Developer
Allmedia Banking Systems

1998 – 2004

While working for Allshare I had two seperate roles; one working as a consultant at customer site for Relational Consultancy, and secondly working on internal company projects.

Whilst working as a consultant I was involved in the design, implementation and testing of many varied projects. Customers included:

  • The European Patent Office
  • Rabobank International

In my second role I assisted with the design and documentation of an E-Business multi-channel portal, and along with a larger team built the implementation of this product. Another part of this role had me responsible for liaising with customers, as well as assisting them with the implementation and testing of the system. This job included co-ordinating bug fixes and customer information flows. Another of my responsibilities in this role was to mentor, and provide technical assistance to the java development team.

Software Engineer
ERG and Vector International

1996 – 1998

I initially started as a full time employee of ERG, however the entire department was later spun off and sold to Vector International, who then contracted to work on the project for ERG.

Initially I was brought in to work as a junior developer on a specific part of the code, namely the OS/2 station controller for the software. However i quickly gained the trust of my employers and team, and made major contributions to the design and development of a communications engine designed to talk to embedded devices over TCP/IP. The program was required to download software, and operating data to the devices, and to drain operational data from the devices. It was required to communicate with a combination of statically connected, and mobile, intermittently connected, devices.

This project was deployed at over 200 sites, talking to a total of over 10,000 devices.

This system had hard-time requirements of 15 minutes for top to bottom data traversal for connected devices, and had to handle over 3 million transactions per day, with peak data transaction rates of 400,000 transactions in one half hour. Since the devices dealt with inter-company financial data it was required to have guaranteed data delivery, including multiple, redundant paths of data delivery.

I was also involved in the design and coding of this station data collector and the data distribution system. I was also required to travel to the customer site to assist in the installation of the product.

The project was written in C, with the over the wire communications done via RMI. The build system was written in make and Perl.


Bachelor of Computer Science and Mathematics (with Honours 1st class)
University of Western Australia

1991 – 1998

Majored in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, although I had enough points for a triple major in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Information Technology.

Decided to do the extra year and pick up my honours, which I did with a thesis titled Topologically Adaptable Templates. This was a thesis on how to better detect edges in images by combining traditional edge detection algorithms with topologically deformable snakes to be able to trace the edge that was being looked for.

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