Richard Stelling

Senior iOS Consultant
MasterCard Labs
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Starting from an early age programming an Atari 65XE in BASIC I have always had a passion for computing devices.

Discovering the Macintosh in 1989 set me on a path as a devoted follower of all things Apple. Even in the dark days of the mid to late 90s when Apple and the Mac were painfully uncool I never lost faith.

At university, I twice won a Student Scholarship to WWDC in San Francisco and even though the iPhone was several years away I was inspired by the platform and Objective-C.

In 2007 after setting up 2 semi-successful web companies (Binary Technology and Lifestyles Online). I co-founded Nyx Digital, a mobile apps focused agency.

These days I chase the dream of becoming an indie developer while paying the bills by contracting for a wide range of exciting companies, ranging form international brands to university startups.

In my downtime I maintain the hugely popular iOS Support Matrix —


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Senior iOS Consultant
MasterCard Labs

December 2014 – Current

Currently working on several R&D and incubation projects around mobile payments and location.

Clients include; Bank of America, Nando's, Wagamama and McDonalds.

Lead Developer
Empirical Magic Ltd/Gibson Engine Ltd

October 2014 – December 2014

Lead iOS Developer
TGI Friday's UK Limited

March 2014 – October 2014

Design and deliver the TGI Friday's internal social networking platform, Pulse.

Use the Pulse REST API to to deliver timeline, event and friend request information to the app.

Lead Developer Spuddy
Domax Ltd.

August 2013 – November 2013

Develop Spuddy ( a sports based social networking app for Domax Ltd, a Bath University start up.

iOS Developer
Vistair Ltd.

November 2013 – January 2014

  • Design and implement airline manual navigation within an iPad App
  • Using third party PDF libraries to efficiently display information on screen
  • Using WebKit to show and manipulate HTML and JavaScript

Lead Developer Mustard Mag
Mustard Mag

June 2013 – January 2014

Develop a Newsstand app for Mustard Mag (

The app distributes digital version of the magazine.

Senior iOS Developer
Domino's Pizza UK & Ireland Limited

February 2013 – June 2013

Leading a small team using Scrum/Agile methodologies to implement the features an design agreed with the client and project manager and scrum master.

My responsibility was to rewrite the UK, Ireland and German versions of the Domino's Pizza iPad App.

I designed and implemented a UIViewController navigation system. The navigation system managed multiple child view controllers as-well-as their appearance/dismissal animations.

Each view controller was backed by KirinJS and dealt with database and network calls via asynchronous calls to the underlying KirinJS Kit based state machine.

iOS Developer

March 2012 – January 2013

  • Profile App performance and suggest improvements for the team to implement
  • Design various aspects of iPhone and iPad Apps UX
  • Implement UI designs
  • Maintain Jenkins build box (continuous integration)

iOS Developer
Future Platforms

November 2011 – March 2012

Working with a medium sized team using Scrum/Agile methodologies to deliver the project on time and on spec. Specifically I was responsible of the following:

  • Work closely with the QA team to track down bugs
  • Design various aspects of iPhone and iPad Apps UX
  • Implement UI designs
  • Maintain Jenkins build box (continuous integration)

Senior Developer & Mobile App Deployment Consultant
Invitation Digital

January 2010 – September 2010

Leading the design and implementation of the flagship Vouchercloud mobile App.

  • Implement new features
  • Liaise with the Network team to improve efficiency of data transfer
  • Create Android App specification and over see implementation

Director of Technology
Nyx Digital Ltd.

2008 – November 2011

At Nyx Digital Ltd. I laid the foundations for future innovations within the intersection of Social Networks and Online Marketing. Leveraging modern paradigms he has rapidly been able to deliver several large scale projects that combine sound design and development theory with a Web 2.0 user experience.

I addition I was responsible for the design and implementation of the Gecko CRM system, set up and configuration of all back office systems, purchase of all technology (onsite and off site).

Other Responsibilities

  1. Mange all technology out sourcing
  2. Architect all internal and public facing systems
  3. Database Administrator
  4. Liaise with third party technology vendors

Director of Technology & Lead Developer
Lifestyles Online Ltd

2005 – 2007

The 'Get Me A Ticket' family of sites spans 8 countries and some 20 web sites. The underlying database was developed solely by myself building on technologies developed while running Binary Technology.

  1. Project managed resources and maintained delivery time lines
  2. Led code reviews and brainstorming sessions with development team
  3. Directed and coached all developers related to
  4. Developed and demonstrated prototype systems to directors and non-technical team members
  5. Developed advanced distributed architectures for data delivery and production
  6. Spearheaded development of Perl application frameworks and reusable components
  7. Performed DBA duties for deployment and replication of MySQL database servers
  8. System administration of Linux and OSX Server systems
  9. Recruited, interviewed and hired all development team members
  10. Evaluated vendor offerings and made final selection decisions based on value for investment
  11. System administration of Windows, Red Hat and Mac OS X systems
  12. Designed and developed web applications
  13. QA and testing of pre-launch sites

Managing Director / Developer
Binary Technology

September 2004 – October 2008

  1. UI development and integration using XML, XSL, XSLT, DHTML CSS, JSP, Perl and JavaScript
  2. Writing functional specifications for web-based applications
  3. Writing and implementing development timelines for allocating developer resources

Technical Consultancy & Contracting
Genesis Resourcing

2008 – 2009

Network security Completed a full audit of the companies security policy and suggested areas of improvement.

Database deployments Researched methods and technologies to improve staff efficiency while processing candidates. In addition, automate several aspects of the process and client relationship management system.

Server management Set up onsite server environments for email, CRM and other back office tasks.

Using my skills in open source software I was able to reduce Genesis Resourcing Solutions yearly IT bill by 90%.

Appy Go Lucky

June 2009 – August 2011

Responsibilities included; Managing all technology out sourcing, Architect all internal and public facing systems, Database Administrator, Liaise with third party technology vendors and product development and prototyping.

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Diploma in Software Engineering
University of Central Lancashire

2000 – 2004


  • Built a modular Project Managment system in Perl
  • Designed and partially implemented a Carbon Framework in C++ called C16
  • Built several games and a random number generator for the PIC16F84

Extra Curricular

  • Twice awarded a student scholarship to attend Apple WWDC in San Francisco.

A-Levels Maths, Physics & Chemistry
Tewkesbury School VI Form

1997 – 1999

Gained four A-Levels; Maths, Physics, Chemistry and General Studies

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GitHub, May 2015 - Sep 2015; followed by 6 people

A set of Objective-C categories that implement simple attributes on standard Cocoa UIViews.

IBDesignable is a curated set of UIView based enhancements. I am responsible for curating the pull requests and implementing many of the enhancements.

GitHub, Sep 2013 - Sep 2014; followed by 24 people; forked 3 times

Simple StoreKit receipt validation and processing.

Designed and implemented the majority of the project.

GitHub, Dec 2013; forked 3 times

Simple Foundation categories to quickly create hashes.

I created this project to gather all the versus hashing methods I had implemented over the years. Adding simple and intuitive APIs enabled me to speed up development in subsequent projects.

GitHub, Dec 2013 - Jan 2014

Advanced data structures written in Objective-C. The aim of these structures is to build upon Foundation data types but maintain a consistent API.

Occasionally a project will require a more exotic data structure. I maintain a repository of these data structures as a references and academic curiosity.

GitHub, Jan 2014

A collection of macros, classes, categories and patterns to help when using Cocoa's NSCoding protocols.

I created this project as a test bed for more advanced data structures implemented in Objective-C.

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With the official UK and Ireland Domino’s Pizza iPad app you can order your favourite pizzas, sides, desserts and drinks quickly and easily. It’s a Domino's store in your pocket!

Senior iOS Developer

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Qkr!™ with MasterPass on the App Store. Download Qkr!™ with MasterPass and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad…

Added specific features around payments at table and home delivery.

Mustard is an independent comedy mag that's jam-packed with funny words and pictures plus exclusive interviews. Mustard has been described as the British answer to The Onion and has a bit of a cult following. It has appeared in episodes of Channel 4's BAFTA-winning sitcom The IT Crowd (and the cover of their DVD), quotes from the mag have been used on greetings cards, sections have been reprinted in books and magazines, and John Cleese was photographed buying the mag in London. But don't just take our word for it… • Brilliantly funny! — BBC • Absolutely cracking! — CHANNEL 4 • First class original humorous content. More than enough to keep comedy fans happy. — THE GUARDIAN • Naughty, observant and very very funny... made me laugh out loud on the tube. A satirical gem. — THE TELEGRAPH • A genuinely entertaining comedy mag, Mustard is funny and smells delicious. We approve. — WORD • Mustard, well named, always adds a dash of something special. — MICHAEL PALIN • Endlessly hilarious and effortlessly cool. — ALAN MOORE • Mustard is put together by funny people who clearly love comedy. — RICHARD HERRING • Like The Onion? Then you'll love Mustard. — PATTON OSWALT

Design and implementation of the entire app. provides the ultimate music experience, with the freedom to discover, play and share unlimited amounts of music. There are millions of songs to choose from, including big-name stars on all the major labels and thousands of independents too. Classic albums and the latest new releases are all at your fingertips. With listen to unlimited music stations, enjoy the latest charts, and discover music through personal recommendations, as well as experience great music selected for you by our editors!

Lead iOS developer

The UK’s most popular mobile voucher app delivers eye-watering and exclusive savings at your favourite restaurants, café/bars, leisure venues and shops – helping you save a…


In this game you need to pair off the different coloured counters to clear the table and progress to the next level. You fire one counter towards another by touching it and…

Project Lead and Developer

Look Bunny Find is the ultimate tool for discovering all the activities available to you and your children throughout the UK. Whether you want to find new entertainments where you…

Designer, Developer and Project Lead

In this game you need to pair off the different coloured counters to clear the table and progress to the next level. You fire one counter towards another by touching it and…

Project Lead and Developer

ATM Finder UK allows you to instantly find the nearest cash machines (Automated Teller Machines) to your current location anywhere in the UK.

Developer and Project Lead

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Déjà vu — Simple Videos App Alternative on the App Store. Download Déjà vu

This was a personal project that was implemented in 6 hours 👊

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iOS Support Matrix

iOS Support Matrix

Compatibility matrix for iOS devices, operating system versions and hardware features.

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