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I got started programming BASIC with a BBC Micro at 8, graduated onto VB3 in my mid teens and then taught myself C before heading to the University of Sheffield to study Software Engineering. Since then I've specialised in Java.


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Principle Software Engineer

2010 – Current

I took on the role of principle software engineer back in April 2010 and have been using that position to help promote best practices among out engineering teams.

Additionally this role has allowed me to expand my responsibilities to line management of a number of other engineers. This has exposed me to

I've been instrumental in the engineering groups switch over to using scrum and have taken on the Scrum Master role which provides a new set of interesting challenges. The adoption of scrum has been very successful thus far and has allowed us to increase the quality of estimates and predictions and correspondingly has increased confidence in our product quality.

Also starting in 2010 I lead the management and development of APIs and a variation of our product for use embedded within a other products sold by EMC and VMware. The integration projects have been high profile and recognised as thoroughly successful by all involved directly leading to new opportunities for our product suite.

During this time I'm still involved with the software development process, designing solutions to problems and investigating and fixing bugs, although now spend a significant proportion of my time offering ideas and guidance to other developers.

Senior Software Engineer

2007 – 2010

After helping to take Indigo Stone through to acquisition by EMC in 2007 I was made Senior Software Engineer in recognition of my defacto position in the team.

My current role involves much of the same things as while at Indigo Stone but increasingly involves more of the planning work associated with each release and being the main technical point of contact providing answers, information and assistance to the documentation, support and services teams. Regularly this involves helping out remotely with demos and the worst of the customer issues, although occasionally involves on site work with customers wherever they may be. Generally I work very closely with my line manager running the technical side of things while he handles the higher level things and shields us from the politics.

I switched our continuous integration system over to Hudson and, initially as a side project, used the information from there and Jira to provide information on large screens within the office keeping all important dates, info and stats on screen. I was heavily involved in a project to move the QA team over from spreadsheets to Jira for tracking all the tests that they plan and accomplish, and will be aiming to integrate this status information into our front and centre screens too.

While the product is continuously being updated for new platforms and adding new smaller features, the major focus at the moment is in providing integration points for other EMC software to make use of and to integrate other EMC products into our own to provide a seamless single window interface to highly complex processes.

The product was taken through another 5 major releases in this period and continues to be expanded.

Software Engineer
Indigo Stone

2003 – 2007

I've been a key member of a small development team building a product suite used by industry leading business continuity providers and large multinational corporations alike. I joined the company as a junior developer as the team embarked on a rewrite of the core of the disaster recovery software suite and quickly took on the task of implementing and managing the Ant build scripts and AntHill Pro continuous integration system. Via the ant scripts and continuous integration systems I was also responsibly for managing the rebranding of the products and installers for our major partners. Working on the core product helped to build up my knowledge and exposure to the configuration and use of Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and Linux operating systems.

I also took a major part in the development of the central HomeBase Server product to remotely track and manage configuration changes; this has given me experience of J2EE work and allowed me to keep my database and we development skills current. I've built up great experience in product development through the implementation and maintenance of concurrent versions and dealing with the competing requirements of bug fixing and new features.

From the summer of 2005 I took on the Design Lead role which where I have been able to take more proactive responsibility of the product design. In addition to working on the design and implementation of major features this role has also given me the opportunity to run code reviews and try to encourage the dissemination and adoption of best practice throughout the team.

We took the product through 4 major releases during this period.

Medical Research Council, Prion Unit

Aug - Sep, Oct 2003

During two short term consultancy contracts at the MRC Prion Unit in London I took responsibility for the installation and configuration of the system developed at Harwell. I also provided training in the various tools and modules of the system to a variety of people at the Prion Unit, from the system administrators through managers to technicians and scientists. Working for the Prion Unit taught me to deal with short term contracts and allowed me to gain experience of the necessary skills and knowledge.

Java Developer
Medical Research Council, Harwell

2001 – 2003

I took over the maintenance of a Java database application allowing scientists to check what scientific procedures they are licensed to perform, and completed the transformation of the data entry system for this from MS Access to a Java application and Sybase database.

I also built an Object - Relational mapping tool for use in the web based data capture and dissemination system that my team was building. The web based development refreshed and extended my Servlet, HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills and a one-day training session was held where I taught the rest of the bioinformatics group how to use Java Server Pages. In addition I undertook the task of managing the build process using Ant and monitoring the integration through automated nightly builds from the latest sources in CVS. As well as individual targets and responsibilities our team worked closely together sharing experience, problems, ideas and solutions thanks to the communication between members, both formal and informal. Working at MRC Harwell built upon previous experience to the full software life cycle from requirements gathering to testing and deployment.

Internet Developer
Virgin Direct


I joined a team developing a web-based system for managing group pensions. This was my first commercial experience of teamwork and being on the implementation side of the Analyse, Implement, Test cycle. The team consisted of web designers, analysts, SQL engineers and a few of us implementing Java and JSP code to glue the rest together. Specifically I was responsible for the pension illustration calculator and moved on to assisting with the multi-page application form. I also had a research and development role investigating the possibility of adapting the system for WAP technology.

Experiences gleaned from this summer include taking over another's code, handing over unfinished code, logging changes, adapting to changing requirements, and much more.

Quality Assurance Engineer
Software 2000


In my second summer of working in Quality Assurance, I additionally undertook an internal database project to aide electronic tracking of what testing had been performed.  This was in the form of a database with an intranet front end.  This exercise gave me great experience of real software development, with concrete requirements and deadlines.

Quality Assurance Engineer
Software 2000


I learned much about working in an office environment, and experienced testing real software, in real situations. I also gained knowledge of reproducing bugs reported by customers, and checking that old bugs were not reappearing via a company-wide bug tracking database.

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M.Eng. Software Engineering
University of Sheffield

1997 – 2001

Competed for the University in the ACM's Northern Europe International Collegiate Programming Contest two years running.

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I'm a fan of open source software and tend to be following the development of a project or two closely at any one time and will contribute occasional patches and ideas but I'm not heavily involved in any one particular project. My first patch was committed to Apache Ant to add custom formatting to the task and I also believe I was influential in the development of the selector elements. My most recent (2009) patches were to Hudson to enable their remote API on more of their plugins.