Sam DeMooy

Senior Software Engineer
Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd
  • Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
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A Software Developer with experience developing commercial products from shrink-wrap to a custom enterprise delivering a majority of projects on-time. Recognised as a team player who can communicate and work with all team members and at all levels in an organisation to design, implement and deliver complex high-quality solutions. Experienced in using the agile practice of sprint and scrum, and leading small project teams. Focused on continuous education, learning, and sharing of knowledge with others.

Technical Skills

  • C#, C++, C, SQL, XML, VB6
  • .NET, WPF, WinForms, MVVM
  • MFC, ATL, COM, STL, Boost
  • SQL Server 2008, MSMQ, Access 2007, SQLite
  • ADO.NET, ADO, SSIS, DTS, Stored procedures, Crystal Reports
  • Visual Studio 2010, Resharper, Excel, Word, Outlook
  • Design patterns, UML, basic usability design
  • TFS, Accurev, Subversion, Source Safe
  • Windows


Experience show all

Senior Software Engineer
Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd

November 2010 – Current

• Worked on a variety of products and projects to add features and fix bugs.
• Worked on both UI and service based applications.
• Started the process of learning a large real-time code base developed over many years.
• Getting to know all the new people I am working with.
• Write unit tests to support making changes safely.
• Provide support to technical services as needed.

Selected projects:

Developed and released a multithreaded application using C# and C++ that allows remote software upgrades on mobile devices running in equipment throughout the mine site. The application works on slow networks and deals with the possibility that the equipment may move in and out network range. The application allows administrators to schedule software upgrades without involving the equipment operator.

Developed and released a data entry feature using C# and Winforms on a mobile ruggedized touch screen device to allow users to associate consumables with equipment, enter numeric and time values associated with the consumables, and save the consumable values to a central database in real time. The design takes into account that users work outside, on a small touch screen panel, in extreme weather conditions, and might be wearing gloves.

Introduced unit testing, using Boost, to a multithreaded C++ service to facilitate making changes. Developed mock objects used to remove dependencies on the database, message queue, file system, and other services.

Principal Software Developer
Gemcom Software International

1997 – September 2010

Worked in an agile team including a product manager, development manager, testers, technical communicator, UI designer, and software developers located in Vancouver, Brisbane, Perth, and Hyderabad.

  • Completed user stories on-time with a high degree of satisfaction from Product Manager.
  • Provided accurate estimates for user stories and user tasks.
  • Recognised as consistently delivering high-quality error free code.
  • Communicated with subject matter experts and non-technical users to develop user stories.
  • Attended daily scrum, acted as scrum master when needed.
  • Worked with team members to complete sprint tasks.
  • Demonstrated work at the end of each sprint.
  • Participated in design and code reviews, and fixed bugs.
  • Hired and mentored software developers.
  • Demonstrated expertise in ensuring applications were usable

Selected projects:

Developed a multithreaded workgroup program that facilitated collaboration and sharing of user data regardless of the user’s physical location using C#, WPF, WCF, MSMQ, SQLite, and SQL Server. Architected the program with an API using the MVVM, Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection patterns to allow the program to run both with and without a UI.

Developed an application, called Pack and Go™, that allowed clients to pack-up their data from a central SQL Server database to a Jet database on their own computer, travel to a remote location, make changes in their Jet database, and later synchronise their changes back to the central SQL Server database.

Recompiled a major code base in Visual Studio C++ 7.1 unmanaged from Visual Studio 6.0. The code base had over 2,000,000 lines of code containing C++, C, MFC, ATL, COM, ActiveX, and third party code.

Designed, developed and integrated a data access layer into a large legacy single–user file based client program transforming the application into a multi-user client-server application that supported both SQL Server and Jet. Created the framework in Visual C++ using ATL, COM and ADO.

Travelled to client mine site to access, correct, and finally make recommendations to the Mine Manager. While at site met with users, diagnosed 30 problems, corrected 10 on-site, and fixed remaining 20 with a software patch two weeks later that helped save the account.

Software Engineer
BC Public Service

1991 – 1997

Worked for: Information Technology Services Division and BC Systems Corporation

Selected projects:

Designed and implemented WEBAC to provide web-based access to NT User Manager functionality. This program extended NT User Manager to securely allow users to manage a subset of accounts on an NT primary domain controller server.

Developed a client server application called the B.C. Wood Fibre Network to allow clients to buy and sell wood fibre.

Developed a client application using the telephone as the user interface to allow users to connect to the internet and interact with server applications.

Involved in a program called, “Grow Your Own”; rotated between three different departments.

Education show all

Part-time Studies

  • BCIT COMP 3971 - Silverlight Development with ASP.NET (2010)
  • BCIT COMP 3614 - N-Tier Application Development in .NET (2010)
  • BCIT COMP 7071 - Database Design (2009)
  • BCIT COMP 7011 – Introduction to Computer Graphics (2007)
  • BCIT COMP 3480 – C# for C++ or Java Programmers (2006)

Certificate Program in Management
Simon Fraser University

2003 – 2004

M.Sc. Physics
McMaster University

1989 – 1991

Developed a control program using the Artificial Intelligence methodology of Expert Systems to control a particle accelerator.

Control program was formulated through running the particle accelerator and consulting with accelerator operators.

Developed accelerator simulator to evaluate and test control program.

B.Sc. Physics Co-op
University of Victoria

1983 – 1988

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