Tiago César Oliveira

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Instituto de Pesquisas Eldorado
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Microsoft certified web applications developer, with over 9 years of experience under online and offline applications development; online strategies advisor, usability expert, appliance or development of customer relationship models and development based on qualitative analysis. Always searching for knowledge, I'm a professional that keeps the focus into my career, but not on a selfish way: when I have a project in front of me, I act on it as if it was my own idea, and I work on it with exactly the same passion. I believe that a work has to be always done with excellence.


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Software Analyst
Instituto de Pesquisas Eldorado

June 2015 – Current

The challenge at Eldorado is to produce high-quality software to top players like Dell, Samsung and LG. The solutions proposed should be innovative in their fields since the company is an R&D institute.

In a normal work day, I will speak with multiple stakeholders and coworkers overseas (located in the United States, Malaysia, India and Ireland). During a sprint, I will understand the needs and discuss with the team the best approach to apply on solving the proposed problems, codify, request review, unit test and then push to the testing environment. We have 2-week long sprints (we work Agile using SCRUM).

About technologies: the solutions are primarily developed in C#. Systems are based in MVC, WCF and/or Web API 2. We use Spring for Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection and Oracle and SQL Server databases for data persistence. Unit and integration tests are done using NUnit and MSTest. We use TFS for source control and continuous integration.

Software Engineer
Indra Brasil S/A

September 2009 – June 2015

Outsourced professional, providing IT services for the following customers:

BRB - Bank of Brasilia: acted as lead tech developer over a system that provides microcredit for physical persons. The software provided a new channel for banking operations over people who had not possessed a banking account before;

Anatel - Brazil's Telecommunications Agency: I took place over the project "Fique Ligado", a system for the 2014 Fifa World Cup that exposes, over a Google Maps overlay, the location of wi-fi hotspots throughout the entire contry;

Caixa Seguros: Helped implement a new communications strategy over customers, through Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

October 2014 – April 2015

Responsible for all back-end development and infrastructure: company product on internet and mobile devices, structure on Azure and performance questions. Responsible for IT people management

Online Strategies Adviser
Administra Administração Condominial

September 2010 – February 2013

Online strategies for offline businesses; SEO strategies and social networking; B2C communication strategies and software development.

My role as an adviser on this project was to expose the company on the internet; the site was not exactly what was desired, so I started with a complete redesign of it. Then, I developed a system that was responsible to offer services for the company's customers, such as access to montly invoices, reports about payments, and automated ways for the user to be self-serviced when he needed some solution for a problem. After deliver the response time was reduced from 40 to 4 hours, and the volume of phone calls lowered more than 50%, allowing a smaller team and more optimized processes to be discovered internally.

Systems Analyst
Cast Informática

February 2008 – September 2009

System analisys and development under the RUP and BRBUP methodologies, working on HR and finance systems.

Systems that I've worked on:

ACR - Credit solutions for rural-related activities. Developed under Delphi 7 with Oracle 9i database;

SAA - Access control. Developed with Delphi 7 and Oracle 9i database;

SPG - Protocol control system used by the financial, lawyers and presidential division. Uses a COM+ DLL developed on Delphi 7 and his front-end is developed with xhtml, CSS 2 and classical ASP. The database was Oracle 10g.

Channel Tecnologia

September 2004 – February 2008

I was resposible for the company website, that was maintained using classic ASP. I was also responsible to check web site traffic growth, maintain and improve web site UI and advertising revenue.

Starting on october 2007 I started working as an outsource professional at Banco de Brasilia, working on CMS, a system designed to maintain records about employees who were not directly related to the company, such as interns and outsourced professionals.

Cartão BRB

June 2004 – September 2004

Development of internal data-capture systems for profit analysis. The area were responsible for seven other software development areas which performance had to be tracked for management decisions to be made. For the dynamic nature of the software development teams evolved, that track needed to be maintained daily, with a montly general abstract.

I've also designed and optimized intranet websites using Macromedia (now Adobe) Fireworks and codification with xhtml and CSS 2.

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Systems Analysis and Development
Universidade Católica de Brasília

2009 – 2011

Graduated as one of the top students in software development. The course was focused into Java as primary language, for windows executable programs and websites using JSP.


Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist


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GitHub, Jul 2013

Auto update CSS styles without having to reload the page

Based on ReCSS, it aims on productivity by avoiding the need to hit F5 every time you update a CSS file. The CSS files are updated by simple window focus.

GitHub, Aug 2014

A tracker for financial goals such as: trips, a new car, a bigger house (or your first house), etc. Built on top of ASP.NET MVC 5.2, Entity Framework and Web API 2 (for REST services)

I'm building the entire sollution. A friend of mine contributes with some advice an tech geekies, and I implement the ones I feel entitled over the final sollution.

Apps & Software

Reconcile is a personal finances assistant. It aims to track the money you earn and spend, and offer reports that help you to better spend it, and to learn on how to better save money for the future.

I act as the software developer. My roles go from database modelling to web services development, passing through application hosting and user experience directives.

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5 dicas para empreender no emprego atual


Written in portuguese, this article develops around the concept on entrepreneurism being actually employed (no matter how big the company is).

Ideias sem rodeios, ou: KISS aplicado a startups


The KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) concept applied to the activies of a startup not related to code; the article spins around a great strategy for elevator pitch style meetings.

O tal sonhado espanhol


A fast analysis about the pace the need to learn other languages took, specially for Information technology professionals.

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Essential LINQ

Essential LINQ

Charlie Calvert, Dinesh Kulkarni

For the strong objects-oriented nature of a personal project of mine and a friend, I had to better understand LINQ since it is the best way to work on an environment where objects map to database tables. I'm already using it for development and the gain of productivity is tightly measurable. A lecture every .net developer should do.

ASP.NET jQuery Cookbook

ASP.NET jQuery Cookbook

Sonal Aneel Allana

On my first days as a ASP.NET developer, since I was migrating from old classical ASP, I needed to know how to structure my pages under a web forms environment. That book helped me a lot on that matter, although it looks like a far, far away time right now.

MongoDB: The Definitive Guide


The Definitive Guide

Kristina Chodorow, Michael Dirolf

Working with a NoSQL was a must for a project of mine plus a friend that will manage dynamic forms, created entirely by the customer. So, I started through one of the mostly used NoSQL databases. That book helped me a lot, not only to MongoDB-related topics, but also to the entire concept evolved behind document oriented databases.

Jump Start CoffeeScript

Jump Start CoffeeScript

Earle Castledine

It was a fresh reading in a clear and fun language, even if I does not have any plans for using it in the near future, since I feel totally covered by JavaScript today. Still, the points taken by the language inspired some of the new features JavaScript will introduce in future versions.

Getting Real: The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way to Build a Successful Web Application

Getting Real

The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way to Build a Successful Web Application

Jason Fried, Heinemeier David Hansson, Matthew Linderman

This book divides entrepreneurs and jokers. Hard-learned lessons are at your disposal in less than 200 pages. Literally, a day-worth reading can make the entire difference between being succesfull or frustrated in the IT market.


Visual Studio