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I am a talented software developer and security specialist with a strong relationship to the Financial Industry. I am always striving to understand the business and to deliver efficient and high quality solutions to support it. In the last ten years I have designed, developed and maintained a huge number of information based applications. Most of them where based on databases, web technology and rich client frameworks. I have huge experience how to deal with constant changing technology, big and small projects and all different kind of people (off-shore, on-shore, you name it), because I have seen and I have done a lot in the past years. So I just know how that all works and how it can go. :-) Experience!

I have run at least two spare time projects and the second one is still going on and generates some value:

  • http://www.jhbci.de/ This is a Java based crypto provider implementing the DES, RSA and RIPEMD160 for the German bank transaction protocol HBCI licensed under the LGPL
  • http://www.moneyformothers.de/ A "Don't make me think" POS software to do settlement and final printouts for a bazaar - organised by volunteers - where they sell baby and child clothes.

There is also a re-balancer for my own portfolio which I never released to the public.

And I have to say the more I am diving into a problem or a business domain the more business ideas are popping up in my head. So in my mind I am always two or three steps ahead - what makes it sometimes a bit difficult for my environment to follow my ideas quick enough. But I know that and I am successfully working on to explain my self and my ideas much better than I did years before.

Most of the time I lived separated from my nice and great wife and my sweet and lovely daughters in age of 12, 10 and 3 years. I don't want to miss them any more for any reason. But I am also in the situation where I am looking for job which really fits to me and this seems to be a really difficult exercise. We are totally open to move to any pleasant place on this planet if just the job fits!

But I know - I have to harden my skills to find THE selective software company. This is one of the reasons why I put my resúme here at stackoverflow. Finding your self in the reality of "Office Space" or "Dilbert" is not that pleasant. I just hate it to end up in a Java project where the Java code looks like Perl code and you have to convince your only colleague to think about the Java Code Conventions. Thats odd and should never be a topic between Java programmers. There is just one live and it tends to run faster.

So if someone is out there who runs his company like Joel Spolsky is running Fog Creek and treats his programmers well just give me a shout and Joel if you are reading this - just contact me!


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Senior Software Developer

August 2009 – October 2009

Design and development of a certificate based web browser client authentication to secure a web application used by sales representatives in a med company.

The security part of the application was introduced to restrict access on the server to the PC of the sales representative only. The security is based upon the SSL client authentication feature that ships with the web browser and the ability of the browser to do certificate signing requests to a web server. The web server contains a web application which creates and signs the requested certificate based on a one time token the user already knows and sends the ready to go certificate back to the web browser to import it in the users certificate store. The whole web application was built to make it easy for an average PC user to create and install the certificate without hassle. On the backend was a simple CA implemented where the certificates get issued, signed and revoked.

The platform independent build was done with Ant 1.7.0. The whole application was developed under Windows XP and Linux.

Released under: Java 6.0, Eclipse 3.5, Microsoft Internetexplorer 6.0, Active X Control, XEnroll, VisualBasic Script, Tomcat 6.0, Bouncy Castle Crypto API, VMWare Workstation, Ant 1.7.0, Servlet, JSP, PostgreSQL

Senior Software Developer
Credit Suisse

January 2006 – Current

Enhancement, maintenance and 3rd level support of the Credit Suisse order routing system - English spoken

Enhancement, maintenance and 3rd level support of a Swing and J2EE based order routing monitor. The monitor consists of several components like Swing GUI, Servlets and standalone Java servers. The idea of the whole system is to route client orders to exchanges and brokers, to visualize the order flow and the order state to the traders and give them the possibility to respond quickly to all kinds of issues.

Development of a Java server which receives instrument data to send them to the Bloomberg Professional Terminal and request the best price information. Parts of the server are developed in the C programming language to access the Windows DDE interface via JNI.

Enhancement, maintenance and 3rd level support of business rule engine used in the order routing system. The goal of the business rule engine was to enhance and validate all kind of data flows reaching and leaving the system. The rules got instrumented by static data together with more complex rules based on static XML and dynamic Python rules.

I worked as software developer on the client site (Swing) and also on the server side (J2EE, Servlets, XML, Python) with a team of at the end 16 developers in an international environment together with an on-shore team stuffed by Cognizant employees.

For the Java development part of the project Eclipse 3.2 Calisto got used. The C part of the project has been developed with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. ClearCase has been used as source code repository. The platform independent build was done with Ant 1.6.5. The whole application was developed under Windows XP and Linux.

Released under: Java 5.0, Swing, J2EE (Servlet, JSP), Tomcat 5.5.x, MQ-Series, C++, Python 2.3, XSLT-Prozessor Saxon 8.5.1, Hibernate, JUnit 4.1, EasyMock 2.2, Log4J 1.2.13, JNI, Sybase, OpenLDAP Eclipse 3.3, Oxygen 7.2, CDT, Ant 1.6.5, Web Start, ClearCase, C, Windows DDE, Visual Studio .NET 2003, NSIS 2.21, Bloomberg Professional Terminal, Windows XP, Linux, Solaris

Senior Software Developer
Credit Suisse

February 2005 – December 2005

Development of several GUIs for already existing Host based security settlement applications used by middle office stuff

Development of several J2EE web based financial application to bring Host based CORBA services to the user. The GUIs have been developed and designed with a XML based MDD approach. An XSLT based code generator (HSSG) was responsible for compiling the XML GUI description and teh model into Java stubs and Host PL/1 skeletons. I did design and development in several areas of the web applications like in the Servlet domain, the generator domain and in the frontend domain. Furthermore I did some project tracking task to keep the project on track together with the Host stuff. Our Team comprised at the end 4 developers.

XML-HSSG has been used for the design and to model the prototypes. BEA Weblogic v8.2 was used as the web container for the development and the production platform together with a proprietary framework developed only for Credit Suisse.

For the Java development part of the project Eclipse 3.1 was used in connection with CVS as source code repository. The platform independent build was done with Ant 1.6.2. The whole application was developed under Windows XP.

Released under: Java2, J2EE (Servlet, JSP), BEA-Weblogic 8.2, Orbix 6.x, XSLT-Prozessor Saxon 8.5.1, Eclipse 3.1, Eclipse WTP 0.7, Ant 1.6.2, JUnit 3.8.2, CVS 1.12.2, Windows XP, Solaris

Senior Software Developer
Sparkasse Erlangen

July 2004 – November 2004

Design and development of a helpdesk application

Design and development of the HTTPProtocolTracer in Java to support helpdesk staff to analyse communication errors on the costumers network infrastructure. The analysis, the design and the developmenthas all been done by me. The software has been realised as a GUI application using Swing. To track communication errors it was necessary to implement an HTTP-stack from scratch.

The programming of the software was done using Eclipse 3.0 and CVS as source code repository. The platform independent build was done with Ant 1.6.2. The whole application was developed under Windows XP.

Released under: Java2, Eclipse 3.0, Ant 1.6.2, exe4j 3.0, CVS 1.12.2, Windows XP

Senior Software Developer and Team Lead
Bayerische Landesbank

July 2003 – May 2004

Development of a call center back end gateway by voice and Soap

Design and development of the IVBA-Server to connect a call centre with a banks financial backend transactions via a third party voice application. The IVBA-Server is a middleware to bridge the host based backend in the data centre with an XML based protocol in the call centre to a voice application. The development of the XML/XSD based protocol (pre soap like web services) has been done with the JAXB Data Binding Framework. The whole application has been designed and developed entirely by myself. The main task of the middleware was to group one or more financial transactions to one or more voice application based transactions.

The IVBA-Server was developed in Java (J2SDK 1.4.2) and was based on the PPI-Multiuser Kernel 3.3.7 and an Eracom hardware crypto board to secure the HBCI communication. The server has been running as a system service under Windows 2000 since November 2003.

Besides the development and architecture tasks I was leading the team of at most five developers.

Rational Rose EE 2002 was used for the design as OOA/OOD tool. For the Java development part of the project Eclipse 3.0 was used in connection with CVS as repository. The platform independent build was done using Ant 1.5.1. The whole application was developed under Windows NT.

Released under: Java2, Rational Rose EE 2002, Eclipse 3.0, XML Spy 5.0, Ant 1.5.1, CVS 1.12.2, Windows NT and Windows 2000 Server

Book Reviewer

July 2002 – October 2002

Book Review "Java Cryptography Extensions“

Official book review for Morgan Kaufmann Publishers / Elsevier "Java Cryptography Extensions - Practical Guide for Programmers” by Jason Weiss (ISBN: 0-12-742751-1). Aim of the review was to proof-read the manuscript of the book for factural correctness. I was chosen by the publisher because of my detailed cryptographic knowledge in the Java JCA/JCE API.

Software Developer
Bayerische Landesbank

April 2002 – July 2003

Home Banking Software based on Java Swing and HBCI

Implementation of a chip card based Home Banking Client based on Java Swing and HBCI as transaction protocol. The client is used for over 50 financial industry based use cases. To perform the financial transactions the client connects to a HBCI-Server located in the data centre of the bank.

I have implemented several business cases into the client such doing money transfer, showing the account amount, or even simply change your pin besides from many others. I worked as software developer, problem solver as a consultant for highly interesting security topics such as PKI, configuration management, build and deploy management.

Our team was build of seven developers 3 business analysts and 3 operations stuff.

For the design, we used Rational Rose EE 2001/2002 as OOA/OOD tool. For reverse engineering we used TogetherJ 6.0. At the start, JBuilder was used as Java IDE but was later replaced with Eclipse 2.1/WSAD 5.0 in connection with CVS as code repository. Ant 1.5 was used as platform independent build tool. The whole application was developed under Windows NT, but the client is used under Windows NT, XP, Linux, MacOSX and Solaris.

Released under: Java2, Rational Rose EE 2001/2002, TogetherJ 6.0, Eclipse 2.1, WSAD 5.0, JBuilder 4, Ant 1.5, CVS 1.11.1p1, Windows NT and Linux, OpenSource JHBCITM/Financial Service Provider

Software Developer
Bayerische Landesbank

October 2002 – December 2002

Web based Home Banking Application running on top of HBCI 3.0, J2EE Servlets and Tomcat 4.1

Design and development of a web browser based home banking application. The implementation has been based on Suns J2EE Servlet API. The application enables financial transactions from a servlet engine to the host based backend, running in a financial data centre. HBCI 3.0 got used as financial transaction protocol. It has been implemented by the PPI-Multiuser Kernel v3.0. The main intention of the web based frontend was to show how PIN/TAN based home banking transactions will work together with HBCI based back ends.

For the Java development part of the project Eclipse 3.0 and WSAD 5.0 had been used together with Tomcat 4.1. The platform independent build was done using Ant 1.5. The whole application was developed under Windows NT and Linux.

Released under: Java2, Eclipse 2.1, WSAD 5.0, Tomcat 4.1, Ant 1.5, Windows NT und Linux

Software Developer
Uwe Günther (Open Source jhbci.de)

March 2001 – March 2002

JHBCI - Development of a JCA / JCE API compliant cryptographic service provider for HBCI under Java

Implementation of cryptographic algorithms, according to HBCI 2.2 standard for the hybrid encryption RDH (RSA together with 2Key Tribble DES). The algorithms were developed in “100% pure Java” as a cryptographic service provider based on the JCA / JCE API. The provider is available at http://www.jhbci.de. SIZ is still using the provider in a commercial environment together with its own HBCI-Banking-Kernel. There is also a small JHBCI based HBCI Server developed by http://www.petafuel.de/ still heavily used by a couple of small banks. The whole project was initiated and completed by myself and done within a year of research and development.

The software got developed with Java under Linux and can be used starting with the Java2 platform. Poseidon-UML has been used for the design and NetBeans for the development. As build tool Ant 1.5 got used while JUnit 3.2 was heavily used for 100% unit test coverage. I have to say I have never seen such a good test coverage in any commercial project I did and I had never so mutch trust in my own code than in this project. CVS 1.11.1p1 has been used as repository and OptimizeIt 4.2 and JProbe got used as profiling tools (time profiling and memory profiling).

Released under: Poseidon-UML, NetBeans 3.2, Ant 1.5, JUnit 3.2., CVS 1.11.1p1, OptimizeIt 4.2, JProbe and SuSE Linux 7.3

System Developer

October 1999 – March 2000

Implementation of an ISDN protocol adapter for a proprietary in-house bus system.

The software was part of a PC based prototype to transmit voice and signaling data by standard hardware running under Linux. The main project goal was to design, implement an abstract communication interface between a Linux based operating system and the next higher abstraction layer in the software architecture of a hub platform. The team was stuffed with three developers.

The whole development was done under Linux in C.

The following tools were used for Unix system programming: gcc, make, vi, gdb and the Unix tool chain.

Released under: gcc, make, vi, gdb, Unix Tool Chain, C, Linux

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Diploma (MSc.) degree (with honors) in Computer Science
University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden

1997 – 2001

The usual time frame to do the degree is 4 years, I did all in time. Was the second guy who finished his diploma and did the degree with "1" which means with honors.

The guy who gave the first semester C course told us to circle a cube in 3d around all three axis based on a 2d environment. It was the good old Turbo C from Borland. So it was a bit challenging to dig out the math first like matrix multiplication, arrays in arrays, pointers and so on. But I have to say after the theory of 3d graphics was understood it was only a matter of time (2 evenings in my spare time) to get that damn thing circling and I did it even with a perspective view. Long story short there were only 3 guys in the curse who got the cube up and circling - and I was one of them!

So this always makes me think I am a bit different then the big crowd. Anyway...

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Open Source

JHBCI is an OpenSource HBCI Toolkit written in Java and released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). HBCI (Home Banking Computer Interface) is a standard, released by german banks to make secure bank-transactions over insecure networks lik

I initiated the project and I developed the code all by myself. It gets used in several Homebanking servers in Germany and is a rock solid implementation.


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Started with the age of 12 with my Commodore 116 to develop Basic driven software and fighting with the tapes and the tape drive to store my programs. Came then to an Amiga 1200 and went then straight to an 486 PC with DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 before I joined the Windows 95 club. From this point I went straight to Linux and started hacking in C which was lot more fun than Basic on the C 116. Yea... I totally forgot the PC clone I used during my internship in 1988 while the cold war in east Germany. I tell you was a funny one with a green screen..... Ok I should stop now here because I got totally excited about the old boxes. :-)