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Software Designer
Moneris Solutions
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Like many others, my interest in computers started with my passion for games. I had chosen computer engineering as my major when entering college, but switched to newly opened Software Engineering program in second year, and became one of the first Software Engineering graduates in Canada.

Upon graduation, I worked with different roles in software development. My experience ranged from Java Desktop programming to .Net MVC Web programming. I have worked with languages including Java, C#, Javascript, and various other scripting languages. During the years, I kept learning and integrating new technologies into daily work. I had introduced agile development to my team when top-down approach was still dominating. I had employed .Net MVC for our project since it was still in pre-release stage.

In the past two years, I have learnt Scala, F#, clojure, and the functional way of coding JavaScript. I am able to analyze problems from different angles, and try to find the best tool to solve them.


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Software Designer
Moneris Solutions

September 2013 – Current

  • Designed and Implemented the front end of Virtual Gift Card Web Component. Used KnockoutJs and jQuery;

  • Add support for Air Miles Bonus point to current Web Portal. Improved software routing engine performance by 1000 times;

  • Work on Virtual Gift Card Configuration tool. Participating in re-design of Web Portal. Reduced a current implementation to a quarter of its original size while kept all functionality.

System Programmer
Radiant Communications Inc

May 2011 – August 2013

  • Work in a team to implement company's portal system using .Net MVC. Used C#, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript. Database involves more than 20 core, and more than 100 supporting entities. GoogleMap based live stats interface displays more than 6000 points.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization and Maintenance. Implemented extensions in forms of JavaScript, Workflow, Plugin, and external clients for CRM Web Service. Worked with Version CRM 2011 and CRM 4.

  • Data management and cleaning up. Used TSQL, C# and F#.

Owner/Software developer
Lamard Software

August 2010 – April 2011

  • Developed a Java library for data processing, convert CSV data into special formated data. Implemented file system monitor and GUI.

  • Using asp.net mvc 3 to implement a Content Management System. Applied ninject for IOC, jquery for behavior control, css for style, and fluent-nhibernate for ORM. The biggest challenge with this project was the data session management for database. While fluent-nhibernate provided a very simple way of object-relational mapping, it was difficult to provide a "clean" repository for the controller class (encapsulating the session information) and correctly manage data session at the same time. I customized MVC Controller Factory to achieve the desired results.

Senior Technical Consultant
Guizhou Imart Project Develop Corp

February 2009 – February 2010

Provided technical insights to help management with decision making. Couched software developers to bring up-to-date industrial software development practices to the team.

Key projects:

  • Designed and constructed a budget-friendly, broadband-based, IPTV solution to bring media contents to rural areas.

  • Worked as team leader, used Net MVC framework for Web Interface, and NHibernate for ORM, to build a B2C/C2C Web Application that combines functionalities of Amazon and Ebay. C# was used for this project. The biggest challenge of this project was applying nhibernate. We implemented all the business logic against mock data in the beginning. Things were running smoothly until we started plugging in nhibernate into the building blocks. Lacking of nhibernate experience, it took us a while to tweak nhibernate to work correctly and efficiently.

Software Engineer/Team Leader
ShangHai WangYong Software Co., Ltd.,

June 2006 – October 2008

Lead a team that was comprised of 12 software developers and testers. In charge of technology choices and product features. Contributed source code to core parts of company’s flagship p2p multimedia contents distribution application. Application was able to handle 20,000 end users online concurrently.

Key projects:

  • Implemented RMFF(Real Media File Format) file integrity check component. Reduced risks of content corruption.

  • Re-designed and implemented application’s NAT traversal component to drastically improve software’s robustness(handling 20,000 concurrent users with 3 servers) and peer-finding time (from 45+ seconds to less than 10 seconds).

  • Packaged final product using NSIS installer.

  • Constructed a demo STB(Set Top Box) by using market-available hardware with home-brewed Linux compiled from source code.


B.S. Software Engineering
University of Ottawa

1997 – 2002

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