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Top new questions this week:

Concatenating `s///` in raku

I find that a huge selling point for scripting addicts to join raku would be having such constructs possible my $w = "Hello world"; $w ~~ s/Hello/Hola/ ~~ s/world/mundo/ ; say $w; # ยป...

asked by margolari 13 votes
answered by wamba 18 votes

What determines whether a constexpr function is a constant expression?

(compiler used is gcc with c++17 as far as I know (difficult to find this in visual studio)) #include <iostream> using namespace std; void increment( int& v ) { ++v; } int constexpr f(...

c++ c++17 constexpr  
asked by mchl12 12 votes
answered by aschepler 5 votes

Why does !! (bang-bang) combined with give a different output compared to !! or alone?

Hello Stackoverflow community! I use a dynamic variable (eg. ID) as a way to reference a column name that will change depending on which gene I am processing at the time. I then use case_when within ...

r dplyr tidyverse tidyeval nse  
asked by Yuka Takemon 11 votes
answered by AEF 9 votes

VBA takes wrong branch at If-statement - Severe Compiler Bug?

The question mark in the title is only there because I'm very reluctant to call anything a compiler bug, but in this case, I'd be surprised if anyone could explain this behavior in any other way. The ...

excel vba oop if-statement compiler-bug  
asked by GWD 10 votes

Do the multiple postfix-expression(subscripting) evaluations result in UB

#include <iostream> int main(){ int arr[7] = {0,1,2,3,4,3,2}; arr[0]++[arr]++[arr]++[arr]++[arr]++[arr]++[arr] = 5; //#1 for(auto i = 0;i<7;i++){ std::cout<<i<<&...

c++ c++17 language-lawyer  
asked by jack X 9 votes
answered by KamilCuk 4 votes

Passing a std::shared_ptr<T> to a function that takes a std::shared_ptr<const T>?

I have a function that needs to take shared ownership of an argument, but does not modify it. I have made the argument a shared_ptr<const T> to clearly convey this intent. template <typename ...

c++ c++11 c++14 shared-ptr  
asked by Indigox3 9 votes
answered by Yakk - Adam Nevraumont 4 votes

Swift Package - Distribute standalone executable with bundle

I'm writing a Swift script as a standalone Swift Package. Part of this script needs to generate some files, for which I have templates. Now, these templates are not compilable (they're HTML files); so ...

swift bundle software-distribution swift-package-manager  
asked by Skwiggs 8 votes
answered by iUrii 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What and where are the stack and heap?

Programming language books explain that value types are created on the stack, and reference types are created on the heap, without explaining what these two things are. I haven't read a clear ...

memory-management stack language-agnostic heap dynamic-memory-allocation  
asked by mattshane 8329 votes
answered by Jeff Hill 6135 votes

What is the difference between an interface and abstract class?

What exactly is the difference between an interface and abstract class?

oop interface abstract-class  
asked by Sarfraz 1786 votes
answered by e-satis 2284 votes

How can you find out which process is listening on a port on Windows?

How can you find out which process is listening on a port on Windows?

windows networking port  
asked by Readonly 2495 votes
answered by Brad Wilson 2902 votes

"Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module" when importing ECMAScript 6

I'm using ArcGIS JSAPI 4.12 and wish to use Spatial Illusions to draw military symbols on a map. When I add milsymbol.js to the script, the console returns error Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use ...

javascript ecmascript-6 arcgis arcgis-js-api  
asked by Jerry Chen 221 votes
answered by Emmanuel 150 votes

Determine installed PowerShell version

How can I determine what version of PowerShell is installed on a computer, and indeed if it is installed at all?

asked by MagicAndi 2691 votes
answered by Thomas Bratt 439 votes

How to select rows from a DataFrame based on column values

How can I select rows from a DataFrame based on values in some column in Pandas? In SQL, I would use: SELECT * FROM table WHERE colume_name = some_value I tried to look at Pandas' documentation, but ...

python pandas dataframe  
asked by szli 2264 votes
answered by unutbu 4329 votes

What does "Could not find or load main class" mean?

A common problem that new Java developers experience is that their programs fail to run with the error message: Could not find or load main class ... What does this mean, what causes it, and how ...

java class main  
asked by Stephen C 1463 votes
answered by Stephen C 1309 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How to handle errors in async Express?

Context: I have a rather large project which is a social media back end. We use MondoDB (w/ mongoose) and Express in JS. The question that I have is: Is it necessary to continue wrapping every route ...

javascript node.js mongodb express asynchronous  
asked by Hunter Kohler 1 vote
answered by Dima Kuzmich 0 votes

How to control depth in UIKit?

I am having an issue with the "depth" of views in UIKit. The ImageView is on top of the TextField, but I want the converse: the text field on top. Below goes an image showing the problem: ...

swift uikit  
asked by Ataias Reis 1 vote
answered by Ataias Reis 0 votes

In what language is coded the DOM?

I know the DOM is not JavaScript code, so what code is used to create the DOM, where can I see it ? Also methods like document.querySelector() are provided by the DOM, it's not actual JavaScript, for ...

javascript dom  
asked by J.doe 1 vote
answered by rajesh pillai 0 votes
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