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Does a constructor parameter of a nested class shadow members of the enclosing class?

class A { private: int a; public: class B { public: B(int a) : b(a) {} int b; }; }; int main(void) { return 0; } clang (-Weverything) warns: t.cpp(10,15)...

c++ inner-classes shadowing  
user avatar asked by albert Score of 10
user avatar answered by 463035818_is_not_an_ai Score of 5

Semantics of volatile std::atomic<T>

Generally std::atomic<T> does not imply semantics of volatile, i.e. operations on the atomic object are not observable side effects that the compiler needs to preserve. As a consequence the ...

c++ clang language-lawyer volatile stdatomic  
user avatar asked by user17732522 Score of 10

Weird behaviour with 'if constexpr' and templates in MSVC

The code below behaves incorrectly. When f<0> or f<5> is called, it prints as if k = true, but the if statement behaves as if k = false. When f<1> is called, it does the opposite. ...

c++ templates visual-c++ function-templates if-constexpr  
user avatar asked by daniel creatd Score of 8
user avatar answered by user12002570 Score of 4

Predict trajectory of a bouncing ball

Key Points: I have a default ball trajectory generated using some code(provided below). Lets name this trajectory Initial Trajectory. Next I have an actual ball whose trajectory I need to estimate. ...

python optimization physics mathematical-optimization  
user avatar asked by Pratham Score of 7
user avatar answered by Bill Score of 4

Extending types in a backward compatible way?

Let's say I have: data X = X Int Char Whatever Now let's say I want to add a type parameter to X like so: data Version = OldVersion | NewVersion data X (phantomParam :: Version) = X Int Char ...

user avatar asked by Clinton Score of 7
user avatar answered by Daniel Wagner Score of 2

Semantics of volatile _Atomic

Generally _Atomic does not imply semantics of volatile, i.e. operations on the atomic object are not observable side effects that the compiler needs to preserve. As a consequence the compiler can ...

c clang language-lawyer atomic volatile  
user avatar asked by user17732522 Score of 7

Different between Curly braces{} and brackets[] while initializing array in C#?

I am really curious to know what is the different between these lines? //with curly braces int[] array2 = { 1, 2, 3, 4, }; //with brackets int[] array3 = [1, 2, 3, 4,]; Console.WriteLine(array2[1]); ...

c# .net  
user avatar asked by AB_ OBADA Score of 6
user avatar answered by Jon Skeet Score of 16

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I copy a folder or file from remote to local using scp?

How do I copy a folder or file from remote to local host using scp? I use ssh to log in to my server. Then, I would like to copy the remote folder foo to local /home/user/Desktop. How do I achieve ...

shell ssh command-line copy scp  
user avatar asked by Slasengger Score of 3489
user avatar answered by Gryphius Score of 6223

How do I get the value of text input field using JavaScript?

I am working on a search with JavaScript. I would use a form, but it messes up something else on my page. I have this input text field: <input name="searchTxt" type="text" ...

javascript dom html-input  
user avatar asked by user979331 Score of 1272
user avatar answered by bugwheels94 Score of 2411

How do you display code snippets in MS Word preserving format and syntax highlighting?

Does anyone know a way to display code in Microsoft Word documents that preserves coloring and formatting? Preferably, the method would also be unobtrusive and easy to update. I have tried to include ...

ms-word code-formatting  
user avatar asked by Lawrence Barsanti Score of 2739
user avatar answered by gargamel Score of 2741

How do I check whether a file exists without exceptions?

How do I check whether a file exists or not, without using the try statement?

python file file-exists  
user avatar asked by spence91 Score of 7191
user avatar answered by rslite Score of 6611

"code ." is not working in on the command line for Visual Studio Code on OS X/Mac

The command code . doesn't work in this manual. All the other steps before that worked. How can I call the Visual Studio Code in an OS X terminal? pwd /Users/mona/nodejs/myExpressApp code . -bash: ...

macos visual-studio-code  
user avatar asked by Mona Jalal Score of 1299
user avatar answered by Mark Pieszak - Score of 3489

Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:/var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?

I have applied every solution available on internet but still I cannot run Docker. I want to use Scrapy Splash on my server. Here is history of commands I ran. docker run -p 8050:8050 scrapinghub/...

linux ubuntu docker ubuntu-14.04  
user avatar asked by Umair Ayub Score of 871
user avatar answered by H.Gmz Score of 605

Unable to resolve dependency tree error when installing npm packages

When trying to install the npm packages using npm i command, I am getting the following exception: I have tried reinstalling the Node.js package and setting the proxy to off using: set HTTP_PROXY= ...

angular typescript npm angular9  
user avatar asked by Pearl Score of 774
user avatar answered by Amirhossein Mehrvarzi Score of 856

Can you answer these questions?

Unity: Rigidbody moves on a moving Rigidbody

I am making a game in Unity where one player can drive a truck and another player can move inside that truck. When the player enters the back of the truck I parent him to the truck so he moves with ...

c# unity-game-engine 3d game-physics rigid-bodies  
user avatar asked by Sudashi Score of 1
user avatar answered by CaptainDryVids Score of -1

How to generically type-annotate a fuction/method parameter to accept any real number type?

I would like to write a generic function that takes an instance of any type that implements all real number operations (such as int, float, fractions.Fraction, or third-party types). I found the ...

python generics python-typing  
user avatar asked by I Like Python Score of 1
user avatar answered by Nouh Chahin Score of -2

Changing links dynamically for locally hosted wordpress site

I'm hosting an old wordpress site locally with xampp. Most of the links are localhost/wordpress on the machine. When external traffic accesses the site they do it with IPaddress/wordpress. I've got ...

php wordpress xampp localhost dynamic-links  
user avatar asked by J W Score of 1
user avatar answered by J W Score of 0
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