2018 Moderator Election

nomination began
Mar 12, 2018 at 20:00
primary began
Mar 19, 2018 at 20:00
election began
Mar 23, 2018 at 20:00
election ended
Mar 27, 2018 at 20:00

On Stack Exchange, we believe the core moderators should come from the community, and be elected by the community itself through popular vote. We hold regular elections to determine who these community moderators will be.

Community moderators are accorded the highest level of privilege in our community, and should themselves be exemplars of positive behavior and leaders within the community.

Candidacy Criteria

Generally, moderators should have the following qualities:

  • patient and fair
  • leads by example
  • shows respect for their fellow community members in their actions and words
  • open to some light but firm moderation to keep the community on track, and resolve uncommon disputes and exceptions

For the Stack Overflow election, candidates must have all the following badges:
Civic Duty, Strunk & White, Deputy, Convention

…and also cannot have been suspended during the past year.

Furthermore, all moderators must abide by the moderator agreement.

Due to the size of Stack Overflow, moderation is a significant responsibility. As a moderator you will need to dedicate part of your time (at least 30 minutes daily) to help shoulder the load of the moderator flag queue.

Election Process

Every election has up to three phases:

  1. Nomination
  2. Primary (active only if there are >10 candidates)
  3. Election

Their descriptions can be found in the blue notice boxes at the top of each corresponding page.

For questions about the election process itself, you can search Meta, or ask in the election chat room linked in the section below.

Please participate in the moderator elections by ranking the candidates, and perhaps even by nominating yourself to be a community moderator.

I’m Samuel Liew, and I would like to nominate myself as a moderator on Stack Overflow.

I am 32 this year, living and working in Australia. I have been a member since the start of my career and have benefited greatly from the site. This nomination is my way of giving back to the community, in addition to past and ongoing contributions using the privileges and tools granted to me.

Why me:

  • I will be able to handle flags in the AEST timezone throughout the day
    (approx. 9pm - 1pm GMT / 4pm - 8am EST)
  • I will dutifully commit to handling as many flags as possible
  • I have close to 20k flags, of which only ~1% are declined
  • I will be able to handle flags instead of raising flags
  • Sometimes, I run out of delete/close/downvotes
  • I constantly seek to improve and take constructive feedback well

Why not me:

  • I am mostly a Meta reader. Most of my previous participation has also been migrated to MSE
  • There are better candidates in this election, and I can always run again

Here are my answers to your questions

Hello I'm Jean-François Fabre

I'm a member since 2016 only, but I already do my best to moderate the site given my 20k+ reputation and badges. I've voted 11000+ times, 5900 times to close. I also raised 200 useful flags.

I frequently visit SOCVR where off-topic questions are closed (or not) in an efficient way.

I'm not too much of a meta pundit (even if I have some well-received stuff there), sometimes missing the spirit of some aspects of the site, but I try to do the best I can on the main site by

  • avoiding to answer unclear/too broad questions, closing instead
  • being a FFGITW to find the best duplicate when I can hammer before dupe answers pour in.
  • try to comment to help OP even if the question is a duplicate or off-topic.

I've been tempted to be chatty or snarky at first, but that was becoming "too easy", I find that more rewarding to try to respect others (while downvoting & closing questions when needed).

I visited the site every day (but one) since 07/2016.

Being a moderator would take the experience one step further.


Hi, I'm Brett

Stack Overflow member for 7+ years and it's still a highlight of my day.

I started as a newbie searching for solutions, followed by asking questions and then posting answers - which have reached 3.4+ million people. Now I'm aiming for the next role, moderating.

To this aim, I devote time every day to the Stack Overflow review queues - editing, flagging, and commenting - with constructive, explanatory feedback. The same positive feedback I benefited from in my early days, and now pass to members in their early days. Teaching new members reduces new issues.

Offline, I enjoy exploring my current home of Scotland (US transplant).

My Moderator Q&A - constructive feedback is highly welcome.

Why I'm Running For Moderator

  • Help the community that has helped me
  • Interested in community moderation

Why I'll Be A Great Moderator

  • Will devote time to mod tasks daily
  • Plan to hold moderator role for several years
  • Patient, experienced, and empathetic with new coders
  • Skilled at asynchronous, online communication
  • Constantly seeking feedback and improving
  • Approachable and open-minded

My answers to your questions

Who, Me?

I'm ArtOfCode, aka Art. I'm a CS student, and I work on a bunch of projects on the side. Most of my work at the moment is in Python or Rails, though Node and Express are also kinda cool.

Wait But Why?

Funnily enough, I like this job. While my raw numbers aren't the most impressive, I have experience to offer instead: I'm a moderator over at Open Source and Hardware Recommendations, a post I've held for going on three years. That's given me valuable insight into the tools and processes that I'd love to bring back here.

I'm also a long-standing member of Charcoal, the organisation responsible for the SmokeDetector spam-detecting bot. The work we do there is responsible for keeping the network as clean as it is today, and as a moderator I'd like to take that impetus and take it further, onto helping to keep the site clean of more than just spam.

In other words, I'd like to voluntarily deal with messes, problems, and objectionable content... because that's my idea of fun.

Hey! I'm vaultah, three-time moderator election loser, information security, photography, and music enthusiast, and an open-minded and reasonable person (I hope).

To me ♦-moderation still seems the most effective and rewarding way to contribute to the site in its current form, but what I have already done is

  • help managing the great Python chat room on this site
  • hammer-close more than 1000 Python questions as duplicates (+500 since last July)
  • cast thousands of close-/delete-/down-/upvotes (+3500 in total since last July)
  • raise 6500 helpful flags (+3500 since last July)

If elected, I will focus on the moderator flag queue and remain active on the main site and in chat, while keeping last election's promise to deliver fair, consistent, and light-handed moderation.

Here are my answers to this year's questionnaire. Please feel welcome to ask me anything else here or in the election chat room.

Hi, I'm Floern.

Why do I want to become a ♦ moderator? Sometimes I hit the limits on the options I have as a normal user. For instance I cannot intervene in an abusive comment thread. I want Stack Overflow to be a nice place for beginners and regulars, so we can work together to create a knowledge base for programmers all around the world. Currently the only thing I can do is to flag, watch the fistfight and wait until a mod steps in. Also, instead of filling up the moderator review queue with my flags I can help keeping it short so we can improve the response time.

I'm a member of SOBotics where we program chatbots that help us find non-answers, vandalism, plagiarized content, heated comments and much more, just to keep Stack Overflow a nice place 24/7. Furthermore I'm lurking around in the Charcoal chatroom to help take down spam.

Up until now I have raised more than 42k helpful flags (99.94% helpful), completed some 14k reviews and more than 10k Nato reviews.

My answers to your questions here.

I'm Stephen Rauch, a committed and avid user who enjoys improving the quality of the site. I equally enjoy helping new users produce better posts, and deleting the irredeemable.

What do I bring?

  • I am here everyday. A lot. More on most weekends. I spend much of that time on moderating activities.
  • I have an appetite for this work. In my short time here I have done considerable numbers of reviews, flags, edits and votes.

    eg: 2400 SO helpful post flags and 3300 more flags network wide.

What am I missing?

  • I have been here < 15 months, that will pale compared to other nominees

    But in those 15 months I have been very active, primarily on SO, but also on several other sites


  • Bullies and Trolls are incompatible with Be Nice!

  • See a post that had some effort put into it, but it missed the mark of what is SO?

    Please leave a comment to help understand where the post went wrong

  • Written negative feedback is more valuable than positive feedback

    But please be respectful and polite; an opinion on why and what would be better, should be readily at hand.

My answers are here.

Hi, I'm Baum mit Augen and I'd like to become one of your mods.

Ever since I could access my first review queue, I enjoyed spending time moderating this site. As my knowledge and privileges increased, so did the time I spend and the amount of tasks I perform and now I'd like to take it to the next level.

Why me?

  • I enjoy completing review tasks, even if they seem "monotonous". For example, I reviewed over 12k "NATOs".
  • I work closely with Bhargav Rao on the SOBotics project, which I think has given me a good idea about the tasks of moderators.
  • When I get feedback indicating I'm doing something wrong, I make it a priority to fix that problem before I get back to the task at hand, yielding a high accuracy in my moderator actions in the past. (E.g: 9.8k helpful flags, 15 declined, no auto-flags; ~11k review tasks without any review bans.)

Why not me?

  • I don't post much on Meta, although I do read important discussions; I'm mostly expressing my opinion through votes instead.

If you ever want to reach out to me, I'll be in SOBotics!

Here are my answers to your questions.

I'm Rob - professionally a technical lead - and I

  • Am a room owner in SOBotics - a room for co-ordinating various bots focused on moderation.
  • Am an active reviewer for Smokey in Charcoal - a room for detecting spam across the Stack Exchange network.
  • Participated in the Mentorship experiment.
  • Am the author of various UserScripts and tools related to moderation.
  • Spend about 1-2 hours a day undertaking moderation duties on Stack Overflow.
  • Have ~4200 manual helpful flags, ~1700 edits, ~1000 delete votes and ~4000 close votes.

I've been heavily focused on the moderation side of things for the last two years or so. I enjoy contributing my time to Stack Overflow in order to maintain the level of quality people have come to expect, and to guide new users to be productive contributors of the site.

I'm nominating myself, as I believe I can - with the additional tools provided - make a positive impact on the site as a whole.

This election is over.