2014 Moderator Election

nomination began
Feb 10, 2014 at 20:00
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Feb 17, 2014 at 20:00
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Feb 21, 2014 at 20:00
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Feb 25, 2014 at 20:00

On Stack Exchange, we believe the core moderators should come from the community, and be elected by the community itself through popular vote. We hold regular elections to determine who these community moderators will be.

Community moderators are accorded the highest level of privilege in our community, and should themselves be exemplars of positive behavior and leaders within the community.

Candidacy Criteria

Generally, moderators should have the following qualities:

  • patient and fair
  • leads by example
  • shows respect for their fellow community members in their actions and words
  • open to some light but firm moderation to keep the community on track, and resolve uncommon disputes and exceptions

For the Stack Overflow election, candidates must have all the following badges:
Civic Duty, Strunk & White, Deputy, Convention

…and also cannot have been suspended during the past year.

Furthermore, all moderators must abide by the moderator agreement.

Due to the size of Stack Overflow, moderation is a significant responsibility. As a moderator you will need to dedicate part of your time (at least 30 minutes daily) to help shoulder the load of the moderator flag queue.

Election Process

Every election has up to three phases:

  1. Nomination
  2. Primary (active only if there are >10 candidates)
  3. Election

Their descriptions can be found in the blue notice boxes at the top of each corresponding page.

For questions about the election process itself, you can search Meta, or ask in the election chat room linked in the section below.

Please participate in the moderator elections by ranking the candidates, and perhaps even by nominating yourself to be a community moderator.

TODO: answer questions from the voters

Hi everyone, I am Zaheer Ahmed from Pakistan.

I am most active on the , , tags.

I always try to help StackOverflow to be a best place, So for this I usually try different things on StackOverflow. So I can understand, ask, report about features, bugs or improvements. I never thought I will nominate myself for SO Moderation as there are plenty of active members already here. But I was curious to know how this election system work, So I decided to get my self nominated and observe this procedure closely.

I am active on SO for 2 years and 7 months, Consecutive 476 days visit shows how much time I give to StackOverflow. If I get selected I am sure that I will be a nice moderator.

So vote for Zaheer Ahmed :)



Rocket's answers to your questions

Hello there, my name is Rocket Hazmat (ok fine, my name is Eric) and I want to be a moderator. I have been a member of this site for over 4 years and I am active in the , , and tags. I work full time as a web developer and I'd love to use my free time to be a moderator here (I already use that free time to answer questions).

This site has been very helpful to me. I've asked questions here when stuck on projects and have always gotten an answer, or at least pointed in the right direction. I have given back by answering all the questions I can, I love to help. But now, I feel it's time that I put more of my energy, love, and dedication into this site, and that's why I want to be a moderator.

If elected, I pledge to help keep StackOverflow safe, clean, and friendly! I know how to vote on posts (you click the arrow, right?), and will down-vote a bad one when I see it, but I don't like to be mean. I try to explain why I am down-voting and want to help the member fix their post. We're not here to be strict and ban you when you mis-behave. We are here to help keep everything nice and neat and make everyone feel welcome.

Also, I like ponies.


Wobbuffet's answers to your questions

Why should I be a mod?

  • I'm extremely active on a msO's chat room called the Tavern on the Meta. Occasionally, people post in that chat room cv-pls, and now that I have 3k rep I always take a look.

  • I've risked being late to class to finish up posts, that's how committed I am.

  • I come to this site every day.

  • I recently got myself to no more items to review and reached the maximum of 40 close votes for the 8 hours and used all my flags. Being a mod will let me flag and review more.


  • My profile says I'm only 4 months old on this site, but I used to have an account for about a year and a half that got deleted because I was only 12 years old.

  • I'm a developer of Charcoal, a tool built to detect and assist in flagging obsolete and please-accept comments. I built the only Android version of it, and the iOS version is waiting for review.

  • I don't think robo reviewers are much of a problem, but I'll do my part about them.


  • To moderate for quality and to lower that huge Close Vote section under review. Spam questions get deleted in the blink of an eye, but I'll take looks at those, too.

  • To help out with accepting flags and flagging


Dukeling's answers to your questions

Why do I want to be a moderator?

I like Stack Overflow and want to help more to make it an even better site.

What I'll bring to the table

If elected, I plan to spend a lot of time in the close vote review queue (binding votes and no daily review limit...).

Needless to say, I also plan to do my fair share of moderation (which could be quite a bit), with my new-found power.

Random notes

I try to never be mean (although I do sometimes say things that I think needs to be said, which may not be what who I said it to wants to hear).

I think my 2000+ edits (all good, I believe) says a lot regarding my desire to spend time in making this a better site.

I think I've failed like 2 review audits ... ever - one I asked a Meta post about (which I learnt from), the other may have been borderline.

95% or so of my flags have been deemed helpful - I'm sure a few of the declines were mistakenly done, and a few others I've clarified and resultantly improved my flagging ability.

Regarding my upvote:downvote ratio - I perhaps upvote less than I should, but I don't think any downvote I've cast wasn't done justifiably.

I tend to spend a few hours daily on Stack Overflow.


Midhun answers the questions from the voters


My name is Midhun MP and I would like to nominate myself.
I'm a regular user of StackOverflow (Concentrating on iOS questions and answers).
I learned and improved a lot because of this community.
I would like to thank SO Community in this occasion because:

  1. It helped me a lot to build my career
  2. I have got several friends and developer connections due to this site
  3. I have got several Job opportunities

Why Me ?

  1. Usually I spent 7-8 hours (on weekdays) and 2-3 hours (on weekends) in StackOverflow and Meta
  2. I don't hesitate to vote down low quality questions and answers
  3. Very active in review process (Especially in suggested edit and closing question review)
  4. Polite to new users
  5. Never allow anyone to spam on this site (I flag immediately whenever such things happen)
  6. Burninate improper tags by retagging the questions. (Whew ! A hard job)

My Acheivements:

969 Answers
500+ Flags
500+ Day in StackOverflow

If I elected:

  1. Need to do more reviewing :p
  2. Will make SO a better place for new users
  3. Will be keen on Serial Voting (As a victim of serial downvoting, I need to do that !)

Sergey's answers to your questions

My name is Sergey K., and I would like to nominate myself.

Yesterday I was not even thinking of nominating myself as a moderator. I thought my SO profile was too weak (<20K rep, lack of some badges). However, today I realized I need only 1 more badge to take part in the elections. It turned out that to get that badge I needed only 1 more good post on meta. Well...Now I’m writing this text and, regardless of the outcome, I want to take part in these elections.


I would be a good moderator because during the last 2 years SO had a viral attraction on me. I enjoy SO and I extensively edit and review posts here. I enjoy making this site cleaner. The moderator duties will not be something new to me. I really want to help them out.

Why Not Me?

Two years ago I came to SO for the first time as a 0-reputation user to post some URLs to promote my project.


  • 1011 flags
  • 5,700 votes
  • 702 days
  • 1,200 edits
  • Badges: 5x Steward, Marshal, Copy Editor
  • I like wombats (but it is forbidden to post images on elections)

0x7fffffff's answers to your questions

My name is 0x7fffffff (but you can call me Mick), and I would like to nominate myself.

Why Me?

I firmly believe in SO as a learning resource, and like to consider myself one of its success stories. In a little under 3 years, SO has taught me how to be an effective programmer, and now, I'm looking for the next way to give back, and to help others who are just starting out.

Additionally, I already spend a minimum of 4-6 hours a day on SO, (more than meeting the participation requirement) and strongly believe in utilizing the voting system (currently 5138 up / 4288 down).

Why Not Me?

I don't have the best meta participation, but only because I rarely find situations on meta where someone else hasn't already voiced an opinion I agree or disagree with, in which case, up and down votes are usually more than adequate.


  • ≈ 1000 answers
  • ≈ 1150 helpful flags (95.09% of total)
  • Logged in on 857 days, currently on a 727 day streak.
  • Steward badges for suggested edits and close votes.

Campaign Promises

  • Help show new users the ropes
  • Wage war on link only answers
  • Empty Make dent in close vote queue

Qantas's answers to your questions

Hi! I'm Karl, and I'd like to help support the community as a moderator. While I can't promise you a million dollars, what I can provide is reliable, considerate moderation.

Why me?

  • I've had prior experience moderating a small forum since August 2012. Most of my work has been dealing with conflicts between users and cleaning up topics.

  • I like to provide feedback to users where their posts has issues to fix and explain what's wrong with their post—this helps users understand how we work and improves their perspective of our community.

  • I'm able to put in the time to moderate Stack Overflow—I'm usually on when I have time off (most of the day), but at least an hour for sure. (Note: my timezone's UTC+8.)

What will I do?

  • Bring a quality before quantity mindset to the moderation team from what I already do.

  • Help guide new users to help make Stack Overflow less daunting, while maintaining our standards. Though I've been here for a year, my experience as a new user is still fresh in my mind.

  • Educate users about using the review queues properly, instead of going on a close rampage. I'll still review‐ban users, but only when absolutely necessary.


Siddharth's answers to your questions

Brief Intro

My name is Siddharth Rout & I would like to nominate myself.

Stack Overflow is always open with 2 other sites on my firefox tabs. If I am not answering new questions, I would probably be visiting old questions/comments & answering/editing/retagging/flagging them or clearing the queues.

Reasons Why I feel that I can be a Stack Overflow mod

  1. I'm already a mod in vbforums & msdn. So the concept of moderation isn't new to me & I come with relevant expertise which is required for moderation
  2. I work from home so I've enough time on my hands to devote to moderation. Especially on weekends. (TimeZone: UTC + 05:30)
  3. I'm very friendly, approachable & a fast learner besides being a good team player.

What would be my main focus if I become a mod

My main focus will NOT be to clear the mod queues or perform a specific mod duty like opening/closing questions etc. These duties come "As Is" when one becomes a mod & one has to do them.

My special agenda would be to make Stack Overflow a more welcoming place for new users. I believe if all of us actually put in special efforts to do this then the flags will automatically reduce drastically.


Kevin's answers to your questions

My name is Kevin and I would like to nominate myself.

Why me?

If you really want to see why I will be a good moderator, have a look through my activity history, meta activity, and the "more information about the candidates" link above. But for those of you who want a summary here, here it is.

What will I do as a mod?

The same thing I've always done, just with the extra bit of power that comes with the diamond. Edit posts when they need it. Close or reopen questions when they deserve it. Delete questions and answers when necessary instead of just flagging. Dismiss flags instead of just reflagging or flagging as invalid. Message, suspend, and delete users when absolutely necessary. As a moderator on two sites (SciFi, Outdoors), I have plenty of experience moderating on the network.

My background

I have been an active member of the Stack Overflow community for well over two years and since day one it has been important to me to do my part to keep Stack Overflow great. I have not only the four silver badges required for this election but also the corresponding gold for the three that have one (Marshal, Copy Editor, Electorate), as well as a number of other badges.


PearsonArt's answers to your questions

I've been a moderator on other sites for a while, but I'm really a programmer, and keep coming back to this site. I wish I was better able to manage the closed queue and help beat it down to size. I wish I was better able to help our around here in general. And I hope you'll give me that opportunity!

Things that I'm for:

  1. We do need to maintain a certain quality on SO.
  2. We should be helpful to newbies. We were all there once upon a time, but eventually we learn the ropes.
  3. I'm an avid participant, and there's a lot of work that could be done to help clear that tag up. As a mod, and even as a non-mod, I intend to help out with that task. I'm also quite familiar with , , and
  4. I would use more than the 40 close votes that I can to reduce the number of questions in the closed queue. Plus as a mod, I would get more weight, 1 close vote = 1 fewer questions.

A few fun stats, as of Sunday Feb 16:

  • 266 helpful flags, 3 declined flags.
  • 809 review of Closed Queue.
  • 767 edits reviewed.
  • 342 low quality reviews performed.

Matt's answers to your questions

Why I'm standing for election...

I hope my activity log portrays me as a friendly, patient and fun user, who can be both outspoken yet reasonable; and accepting and open when I'm wrong. It is for these traits I put myself forward. Hopefully my profile will demonstrate this for itself, but in particular I'd like to highlight;

What I'll do if I'm elected...

I'd focus my efforts on the flag queue; where I hear there is a backlog of "moderator only" flags, and my particular gripe is with obsolete comments; which I'd spend time removing.

I see Stack Overflow as the definitive source for programming help, and will not let link-only answers and other low-quality posts be detrimental to that. They will die, perish, and be deleted.

Finally, I will try and leave the community to solve as many issues as it can. I do not like seeing binding-votes being widely used, and will only step in as an exception handler where necessary.


Anoop's answers to your questions

I would like to nominate myself.


I am fond of Stack Overflow and give 10-12hours of time almost everyday. And from the last one and a half year I am almost always available here. Hence giving 30 minutes daily is not a big task for me, and this will add to become a good Moderator.

I never allow others to break the rule of Stack Overflow by spamming, link-only-answers etc. I vote less but don't hesitate to vote on good and bad answers.

Few of the achievements here:

1400+ flags
1300+ answers
500+ visits to StackOverflow
7K+ profile views

Bohemian's answers to your questions

I contribute every day (currently 600+ consecutive days) answering questions (5K+ answers) and helping others refine theirs.

So, why me?

  • I won't tolerate any racist, sexist, bullying (especially of newbies) or other forms of impoliteness. Disagree with others for sure, but respect and civility must be maintained at all times (and some humor is good too!)
  • Like good code, answers and especially questions should be a brief as possible (without losing meaning or legibility). Reflect that we're building a knowledge base here, not a blog site. I will guide users to this end
  • Migration to other forums is another bugbear of mine. Often there are questions that are good questions, but belong elsewhere. I'll do my best to migrate them appropriately
  • I'll turn up every day and do the job

Apart from earning almost all badges (Legendary and Generalist being the hardest and most satisfying), my accomplishments include finishing on top of the StackOverflow Winter Hats Ladder 2 years running :)

Election Promise (vote grab):

If elected, I will reveal my real name by changing my username showing my real name and photograph in my profile!

And good luck to all other nominees!


Paresh's answers to your questions

Why for Moderator?

  • Its been 3.7 years since I'm on Stack Overflow & dedicating more than the required time.
  • I'm active on & have posted 89/1142 Q/A. I even help through mail and through blog posts too.
  • Visited SO 1034 days so far. When I am on travelling, I try to access SO through my tablet.

I've made good use of moderator tools for cleaning up especially tag. Here are statistics:

  • 840 flags
  • edited >500 posts
  • 800 review tasks


Meta activity:

  • My regular meta activity was bit low but I have worked and improved over it as compared to last year. Recently helped Stack Exchange android apps to find out bugs/issues and suggested features for the same, have posted 41 threads so far & leading it with top position!

Why & Where can I be fitted well?

  1. Flags aren't being moderated quickly during Indian time.
  2. There isn't any moderator who either knows or expert in Android and active in it.

Check my answers to questions.


slugster's answers to your questions

Hi, I'm slugster.

If you don't know me or want to ask a question, then ping me in the election chat room. Most importantly, read my answers to the candidate questionnaire.

My work on Meta (one of only 4 candidates with >10K reputation there), combined with my work as a pro tempore ♦ moderator on MartialArts, along with my extensive edit and review history on StackOverflow shows you exactly what sort of hard working moderator you will get when vote for me.

You want a moderator that can both do the job and do it well, so be sure you do your research and select your final candidates carefully.

I do not make promises that break the laws of physics and cannot be kept.

That is why you will not see me promising to drive a dump truck through the close vote review queue. Of course I will continue to plug away at it as regular moderator duties permit.

I enjoy moderator duties - shutting down voting rings, keeping spam under control, actioning flags, etc.


Doorknob's answers to your questions

TL;DR: A vote for me is a vote for quality and an extra janitor.

Why mod?

  • I'm very active on meta. I'm also active in its chat, the Tavern. I already have experience in moderation, as I discuss it often.

  • I also have practical mod experience. I have 20k rep, the highest level before mod, and the main reason I have as much is to moderate. Usually when I browse SO, it's to close, comment, edit, and delete, and I do this almost daily.

  • I'm extremely dedicated to keeping the quality of the site clean, and that's pretty much the only reason I want to be a mod. Not many people know this, but I've played a major part in fighting the recent spam. I even made a script that posts in the Tavern when spam is detected.

Main goals if elected

  • Moderate the quality of posts. I'll be careful with binding votes, using comments more often, but I still want to make SO a better place.

  • Lower that huge flag and close queue! I've been enjoying @animuson's flag/close campaigns in the Tavern, and I'd like to help in that area more.

  • Review ban ALL the robo-reviewers! I've noticed quite a bit of them, and I want to make them stop filling SO with terribleness.


Jeroen's answers to your questions

"439 days, 439 consecutive". I'm still a relatively new user but it stands to show that as soon as I became a member, I was hooked.

It is one of my pet peeves that too many insufficient or invalid edits are getting approved. I have already written about this here and here so I'll refer to those for more information.

Things that should make you like me:

  • I believe a substantial amount of reviewers have set their quality bar for suggested edits too low and I wish to change this by enforcing a quality on edits through sensibilization of reviewers.

  • My main activity is located in the Java, C# and some related tags. These tags are very populated with new users and I like to think of myself as helpful towards them.

  • I rarely vote to close within the first 5 minutes of seeing a question appear but instead leave a comment to give the user a chance to improve.

  • When I'm not on Stack Overflow, I'm probably in a coma. Since I'm not in a coma, well.. you get the idea.


meagar's answers to your questions


I'm a dedicated and enthusiastic user, and I'm passionate about the quality of content here. I feel I can offer a good mix of even-handed moderation and persistent janitorial service.

I spend the majority of my time on Stack Overflow working on improving existing content, primarily through editing or flagging. After four years I'm ready to step into a more active role in the maintenance and upkeep of this incredible community.

I believe Stack Overflow should be a place for reference quality writing, where professionals and enthusiasts can find answers to non-trivial problems. I believe that it is Stack Overflow's signal-to-noise ratio that makes it worthwhile, and almost all of my time here is spent promoting that ideal.

I advocate a fairly strict adherence to the rules, which may appear overzealous to some, but I think our position is perhaps more precarious than people realize. The Internet would happily overrun Stack Overflow and turn it into another Yahoo Answers; it is our established users and their enforcement of our rules that keeps this from happening.


  • Member for 4 years, visited 1374 days (90%!)
  • 6,000 edits
  • 1,400 edit reviews

hichris's answers to your questions

Hey everyone. I've decided to throw my name in the hat for a couple of reasons:

  • I'd like to help out in the Flag Queue. I like getting numbers to zero, so helping out would be daily. I also would love to handle other flags. I'd be able to handle some of this burden.

  • Flagging/handling flags is fun! I've flagged ~ 1500 comments and ~ 1100 posts. I've only had around 36 flags declined. I think some mods would be happy to be rid of my flags...

  • I like getting rid of bad questions and answers. In fact I've flagged probably over 200 NAA answers and have had them deleted.

  • I'd like to help out closing and leaving open questions in the CV queue more. I'd like to help the Close Vote queue by closing bad questions and keeping good ones open.

  • I like to get rid of obsolete and too chatty comments. In fact, Undo, ManishEarth and I have generated a tool to get rid of these comments. Being a mod would make me be able to get rid of these comments without mass-flagging, and more than 100 a day.

  • I like to remove bad tags and edit questions. Being able to do mod work with bad tags would be great. I'd also be able to clean up since I love Android!

  • I love Meta!


bluefeet's answers to your questions

My name is bluefeet1 (not really) and I'd like to be your moderator.

I've been a member for about 3.5 years and I love this community and I want to continue to make it better. I would love to be able to continue to clean up the site without giving the current moderators so much work!

About Me:

  • I flag a lot of content - both answers and comments to keep the site free from garbage. I feel have have good judgement when it comes to flags (I currently have about 80 declined)
  • I hate link only answers, I typically leave a comment when I find them asking the user to expand on them.
  • While not as active in answering as I once was, I am still fairly active in the sql tags, especially pivot.
  • Outside of Stack Overflow, I am active on DBA.SE

While I don't spend as much time in the review queues as I used to (I flag more), I still actively work to improve the site by editing, voting and commenting to get users to improve their questions and answers.

Thanks for your consideration!

1My real name is Taryn.


Rob's answers to the questions

I would like to nominate myself as a candidate for the 2014 Moderator Election.

I am a long-time IT professional and in my 25 year professional career, I gained expertise in a diverse array of application development technologies. Having been an active member of Stack Overflow for roughly two years now, I take more pride in my constructive and level-headed contributions than I do in any particular technical expertise. While this is a community of technology experts, I view it as our responsibility to not only contribute constructively to discussions, but just as importantly, to do so without belittling the less experienced members of our community.

I have run several businesses, ranging from small IT and management consulting practices to conducting the turn-around of a mid-sized logistics business. There are lessons that I learned about building highly-effective teams in those organizations that I try to bring to bear in my Stack Overflow interactions, namely, I strive to provide constructive counsel, recognize people for their contributions, but at the same time, promptly addressing inappropriate behavior, but doing so in a respectful manner.

I appreciate your consideration.


Madara's answers to your questions

Hey everyone, I am Dor, although most of you know me as Madara Uchiha.

I live in Israel, recently ended my military service, and so I have a great deal of experience with dealing with people of all ages, backgrounds and mindsets.

I am most active on the tag and the legendary Room 11, deeply enjoy helping out, and especially help others help themselves out.

A pro-tempore moderator on the soon graduation Anime & Manga Stack Exchange, I have experience with moderation, the moderator tools, community building and managing, as well as communication.

My native tongue is Hebrew, but my communication skills in English are good. I am patient and never hold a grudge (It's against my policy).

My vision is a nicer, more welcoming Stack Overflow. I plan to push to help the most troubled areas on Stack Overflow (mainly, the , and tags). The idea is to create a good behavioral pattern, canonical questions/answers for commonly solved problems, and above all, leading by example with patience and gracious professionalism.

Best regards. Madara.


FreshPrince's answers to your questions

< Lyrics from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song >

I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Stack Overflow

It's my goal to be more than a janitor. I want to be the guy that drives around in a big floor squeegee machine, cleaning up all the no-good-feely questions and answers and smiling while passing out helpful feedback.

Here's my top 5 reasons why I would make a decent mod:

5) I'm actively active

4) I leave constructive feedback most of the time

3) I want to guide the community to become a better place (I use too many downvotes and not enough upvotes)

2) I strongly believe in Stack Exchange and its purpose in helping others (not doing someone else's work)

1) I never cease to amaze my fellow Overflowians with my fair and respectful comments

Now for all you haters out there, I just want to say that I stand by my less than perfect comments. The amount of "do this for me" and lack of effort questions have been driving the quality of the site down. I feel that this can change, with less drive-by down-votes and more appropriate feedback. As a mod, constructive feedback has a bigger impact and represents the community in a positive way.


Undo's answers to your questions

I'll throw my hat in this year. Here's why:

  • I've been here a little over a year, and I have almost 4000 helpful flags. Most of them were accumulated in the past three months.

  • I'm a founder/developer (alongside ManishEarth and hichris123) of Charcoal, a tool built to detect and assist in flagging obsolete and please-accept comments.

  • My flag count would be higher, but we often give huge lists of comments to existing mods to cut down on the flag queue size. Being elected would cut down the middle man.

  • I love spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

  • I want the tag to be used correctly.

  • I'm almost 15k on mSO, and I know the system very well.

  • I'm active in the / tags, and I can perform cleanup there.

  • I'm in UTC-7 (just pure info).

  • I'll go on bi-weekly rampages through the close vote queue.

  • I'd really like to be doing more for SO in general.

I was somewhat unamused at the character limit on this box, so I made a page that should give you some more information. Go read it if you'd like!


vcsjones' answers to your questions

I am going to nominate myself. I think I'd make a good moderator for several reasons.

The first is I feel that I have a strong understanding of the Stack Overflow community, and what people expect of the community. I do my best to help people, and always helping improve the content by using the community moderator tools when I have spare cycles.

I also have the right personality for this. I have moderated online communities in the past (The Microsoft ASP.NET Forums). While I understand that Stack Overflow is certainly not a forum, it does take a certain personality to moderate a community: don't be bullish, don't disrespect people, and always work with people by treating them like people.

I'm also as active as time allows on this site. I do genuinely like this site and what it does, and find myself spending a lot of time on it. If I am able to help the moderators with my spare time, I think that is a win. Begin a moderator isn't just a fancy for me, I commit to what I own.

Finally, I think I have a good grasp of Stack Overflow. I understand the community, and what it thinks is on/off topic, and good/bad behavior.


Raghav's answers to your questions

Why I would be a good moderator

  • I spend several hours on SO daily. Dedicating 30 minutes and more a day is easily possible. I have 1388 answers vs. 13 questions. I don't answer nearly as often now, preferring to close questions when possible.. I still log in almost every single day (missed maybe 7 days in a year while travelling), and will be around more often than not.
  • Since I hit 10k, I've made good use of the tools given to me and raised over 2000 helpful flags.
  • My meta participation is a bit low, but I'm working on improving that.
  • I'm very even headed. If you ever drops by the Android chat room, or goes over its transcripts, you'll find that in my role as room owner I'm always fair in my decisions and don't pick fights with anyone at all.
  • I'm patient and willing to help. In many cases I go to great lengths to help out people, explaining over a few comments or on chat how to solve the problem.
  • My timezone allows me to be active when USA mods aren't which can be very helpful right now.
  • could use some major cleanup right now, and I can do that with mod tools. It is at 450k+ questions, making it one of the biggest.

Jon's answers to your questions

I'm still here a year on with more experience of the community and with no less passion than I did before to help out where I can...

I haven't changed the below, as apart from being a year later, it's still the same :)

Activities / experience / character

  • editing and improving posts where possible (no point closing a question if it's reasonably salvageable by an edit), participating in close (especially to tidy up duplicates)/re-open, (un)delete votes and assisting with flagged posts
  • working on a system for a Python Wiki based on SO and building SO chat rooms
  • have spent several years dealing with conflicts as an IRC Operator and Channel Services Admin
  • being respectful, open-minded, patient and fair - just don't confuse that with being non-decisive or a "walkover"
  • keep up to date with Meta (even if I don't say much that often)
  • don't think I'll be going away from SO any time soon...
  • based in the UK

This election is over.