A collection is a list of content from Stack Overflow (questions, answers, and articles) gathered around a specific theme, or grouped for a specific purpose that is relevant to the collective it is housed in. They are designed to help collective Members easily discover and collaboratively build upon high-quality content about a specific subject area.

How can I contribute to a collection?

Collections are a collaborative effort. Admins create a collection and define its scope but all Members are able to add content, and any logged-in user can comment on, upvote, follow, and share the collection.

When an item is added to a collection the user is required to include a note providing more context for the addition, which is displayed to all viewers of the collection. Any Member can remove items they added and edit notes they wrote, but only Admins and Recognized Members can remove any item, edit any note, reorder the items in a collection, or delete an entire collection.

Where can I find collections?

All existing collections within a collective can be found in the Collections tab, which can be accessed from the main navigation bar in the collective.

image showing a list of collections within a collective on Stack Overflow

What does a collection look like?

When you access a collection from the Collections page, here’s what you'll see:

image showing an open collection on Stack Overflow