What are the different types of users in a Collective?

With the launch of Collectives we are creating 3 new Collective-specific user types:

User types


Anybody can become a member of a Collective by joining it on the Collectives’ page. It allows the user to participate in the Collective-specific leaderboard and earn the Collective-specific trophies.

Recognized Member

New to Collectives is a specific user badge to denote a “Recognized Member.” A Recognized Member is a user with whom an Organization chooses to affiliate their brand. Recognized Members could be, for instance, subject matter experts from within an Organization, but could also be existing users of Stack Overflow with expertise.

A Recognized Member has the following privileges:

  • Post Articles Ability to recommend answers within the Collective the user is Recognized Member of.
  • Have the “recognized by” badge on their user card when answering questions that are related to the Collective’s technology
  • Access to ‘Actions for You’ dashboard


Collectives have a finite amount of administrators. These admins have full access to all the Collectives features, which include the ones which are described under Recognized Members.

In addition to those,they can:

  • Manage collective-level user permissions and labels, and invite new Recognized Members to the Collective
  • Have access to the reporting and data within the Collective

Visual Labels

To clarify the relationship a Recognized Member/Admin has with an Organization we’ve created two different labels that will show on the user card. These labels do not affect permissions, but help to distinguish the type of relationship with the organization.

  • Recognized by Organization Name
  • Employee of Organization Name