How can I find jobs I’m interested in?

Search: Our search tool allows you to filter jobs by salary range, technologies, remote work, relocation benefits, and more. You can also set alerts to get notified of fresh jobs matching your search criteria.

Match: Want to sit back and see recommended jobs? When you visit Jobs, you’ll see a list of recommended jobs. Using Job Matching Preferences, you can refine these matches further - by preferred tech stack, seniority level, developer type, and more. We’ll use this information to show you job recommendations. We’ll also match you with companies, if you’ve opted-in with your Developer Story.

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Get Messages: When you create a Developer Story and set your Job Search Status to actively looking right now, we’ll prioritize your Story and work hard to get you high-quality messages from matching companies as soon as possible. If you’re open, but not actively looking, we’ll selectively match your Developer Story with fewer companies. You can easily continue or end conversations with companies by stating “I’m interested” or “I’m not interested.”