How do I propose and review new articles?

How do I propose a new article?

If you are a Member of a collective, you can submit a proposal for a new article. The article will be reviewed by a Recognized Member or Admin of the collective before it is published. They will provide you with any feedback so you can make the necessary edits to the article so it can be published to the collective.

To propose an article:

  1. Make sure you are on the landing page for a collective and click the "Propose article" button on the right.
  2. Add the title of your article, the article type, at least one tag from the collective, and the outline of your article. For the first version that is submitted, we encourage users to provide a detailed outline or summary of the proposed article (rather than drafting the complete article) in the event the subject matter would be declined. Hit the "Submit for review" button. A Recognized Member or Admin of the collective will review your outline and provide feedback.
  3. You’ll receive an inbox notification when your article proposal has been reviewed. When you open the draft, you’ll see feedback to the right of your draft. You must edit and resolve all of the suggested feedback before you’ll be able to hit the "Submit for review" button again.
  4. The article will be re-reviewed by someone with review privileges. Once the article has been approved, it will be published in the collective.

Article states

Proposed articles can be in one of three states:

  1. Draft: This is the state an article is in when the author is either working on the initial proposal or editing the proposed article when a reviewer has provided feedback.
  2. Review: An article is locked in the review state when someone with review privileges is looking over either the initial proposal or edits that the author has made based on feedback from a previous review.
  3. Published: When an article is in the published state, it is live and public.

As noted above, an article may cycle through the draft and review phases multiple times if additional edits need to be made before the article can be approved and published.

How do I review a proposed article?

You must be a Recognized Member or Admin of the collective in order to have review privileges on proposed articles. If an article proposal has been submitted and you have review privileges, it will appear on the Actions for you page and the Article review page.

  1. As someone with review privileges, you can read over an article proposal once it’s submitted for review. You can submit feedback to the author about what changes need to be made in order for the article to be published via the "Send feedback" button.

    When you submit feedback, it will appear on the right side of the page. The article will also revert back to "Draft" status and unlock so the author can begin to address the feedback. Admins and Recognized Members reviewing an article can continue to provide feedback while the article is in "Draft" status.

    If the article proposal isn’t in line with the collective, you can select the "Reject and close" button. The article will be taken out of the queue, and the author will be notified. You’ll be asked to give feedback on why the article is being closed. This feedback will be shared with the author.

  2. When the article author resolves all of the feedback you’ve provided, they can resubmit the updated article for approval. The status of the article will change from Draft to Review when the article is ready for another review. If the article doesn’t need further edits, you can hit the "Approve and publish" button to make the article live. If the article needs further edits, you can add additional feedback by using the "Send feedback" button. The article will be resent to the author so that they can resolve the feedback and resubmit for review.