What is the Staging Ground?

What is the Staging Ground? The Staging Ground is a place for new askers to receive guidance from more experienced users before their question is posted publicly.

Currently, the Staging Ground is in a limited beta release, only a small portion of new askers will be randomly sampled to go through the Staging Ground.

How do I use the Staging Ground? During the beta release, randomly selected users will ask their first question on Stack Overflow through the Staging Ground.

First-time askers will first create their question through the Ask Wizard. After creating their question, their post will automatically enter the Staging Ground for guidance from experienced users before their question is posted publicly.

What happens to my question in the Staging Ground? While your question is in the Staging Ground, a select group of reviewers will evaluate your question to help determine if your question is:

  • Ready to publish
  • Requires major changes
  • Requires minor changes
  • Off-topic
  • Duplicate

Reviewers will provide feedback on how to improve questions by leaving comments and moving questions into different statuses based on how much the questions need to be improved.

As the author of the question, you can follow the feedback that reviewers provide and edit your question to help improve its quality before publishing on the site. If you need more clarity about the feedback you are receiving, you can use the comments section below your question to ask reviewers questions or for additional guidance.

There are also some things that cannot happen in the Staging Ground. Other users cannot vote on or answer your question until it graduates the Staging Ground and is published on the site. If your question is not ready to graduate, then editing your question based on reviewer feedback and answering reviewer comments will help it get to a publishable state. To make sure the process is efficient for you, your question will be published automatically if you do not receive reviewer feedback in a timely manner.

What should I do if my question requires minor edits or major changes? If your question was marked as needing minor edits or major changes, first, read through any feedback that reviewers have left for you. Once you understand reviewer recommendations for how you can improve your question, edit it to make those improvements.

If your question needs minor edits, you can publish it directly after editing. If it needs major changes, you can submit it for evaluation again so reviewers can have another look at your question.

My question was closed, what can I do now? Questions are closed within the Staging Ground if they are duplicates of existing questions or off-topic for the site.

For more information, see our help center articles about closed questions, duplicate questions, and what topics are appropriate for this site.

My question was published, what should I do now? Once your question is published, it can receive answers and votes from other users. It is still possible you will receive comments and feedback on how you can further improve your question or be asked to clarify parts of your question, so keep the conversation going in the comments and edit your question as needed.

Why don’t I see the Staging Ground? The Staging Ground is currently in a limited beta release. Only a select group of volunteer reviewers and a random sample of new askers will see the Staging Ground. Beta testing allows us to get feedback and make adjustments to improve the feature before releasing Staging Ground to all first-time askers.