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Engineering is the heart of 1aim. We cherish great engineering and great engineers, so we give you whatever you need in order to perform best. We have a very great passion for product development and we love to see that in every member of the team.

Everybody in the team believes that the best products are produced when engineers from different backgrounds work together. If you talk about a mechanical problem with an electrical engineer, sometimes the whole perspective changes. We love to see things like that on a daily basis.

Large technical feats inspire us

To give you some examples: The Apollo moon missions were an unprecedented achievement. Thousands of people had to develop new technical solutions from scratch in order to make the Kennedy-imposed deadline of a manned landing on the moon before 1970 possible. Nearly every component presented a huge engineering challenge which was not solved back in the day when the decision to go to the moon was made. Enormous resources had to be spent and in the end everything went to schedule.

Another example is the Lockheed SR-71, it was the fastest plane ever built. Its cruising speed was 3529 km/h and it holds nearly every long-range speed record, like New York to London in 1h 54 min. Surprisingly to many, it was not built a few years ago with the latest technology available. The first prototype flew in 1962. In order to build this airplane, almost all the technology used had to be built from scratch. There were no machines available to machine the titanium alloy, which had to be used in order to withstand the high temperatures on the skin on the airplane due to the friction caused by the speed, so Lockheed developed these machines themselves.

Projects like these are what inspires us. We want to bring the sprit back from these glorious days of engineering into the present day.



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