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Asana's mission is to help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly.

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3 weeks ago

Our ability to celebrate Pride is made possible by queer Black activists who've put their lives on the line time & time again. This year, our theme *Many Faces, One Community* celebrates the diversity of the queer spectrum. Get to know a few members from our ERG, Team Rainbow.


5 weeks ago

Having trouble keeping track of your team's work? Check out Asana! Capture all of your work, delegate tasks, and improve your collaboration.


5 weeks ago

We just wrapped up our first remote internship program! Four of our interns sat down with us to reflect on their experience & how they continued to make an impact remotely, & offer advice for other interns. Get the scoop on our Engineering blog from program lead & Engineering Manager Christie Paz!


7 weeks ago

Get to know Jinyoung! "Now more than ever we need creative solutions to help one another overcome the challenges to how teams work together. I’m so thankful that I get to build, and use a tool that encourages collaboration, empathy, and accountability." #AsanaWomenWednesday #teamasana


8 weeks ago

Meet some of our Asana Mamas across different teams and offices who share their stories with us. Get to know them and their career journeys, plus real talk on how they are balancing mom life and work life!

We’re building a new category of software to help the world's teams be more efficient & productive

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At Asana Engineering, we aim to build, operate, and scale the most useful software for the world’s teams. We’re fascinated by productivity and thrive on solving problems together that help people achieve their most ambitious goals. We believe in using the best tools for the job, and being mindful about how we solve problems so that we’re always thinking about the future, while still doing great things, fast. 

The platform we’re building helps teams plan, organize, and execute their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. We’re solving for human workflows and productivity, so our product needs to be powerful enough to be used by large, globally distributed customers, and flexible enough to serve anyone’s workflow without disrupting it. 

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A supportive culture enables all of us to do our best work

Being in a phase of fast growth where change is a constant, every day brings new problems to solve and new opportunities for you to make an impact. Your manager, colleagues, and leaders will trust you to move work forward, own making decisions, and drive impact. We believe that everyone has a unique path, and career growth isn’t linear, so our programs are designed to support multiple directions and areas of growth. A supportive environment that challenges you to do great things, fast, and practice mindfulness as we grow and scale, will set you up for success. 

Here are some of the ways we ensure that every Asana is constantly learning and growing: 

  • Success guides: We aim to provide every Asana with clarity on what success looks like in their role and at their level. Success guides are tailored to each team and help us maintain a growth mindset so that you can continue to improve yourself, each other, and the value we bring to our customers.
  • Areas of Responsibility: Every employee at Asana is empowered to take on big responsibilities that impact our success as a company. Areas of Responsibility (AoRs) distribute responsibility among the greater team, and allow individuals to take on projects and initiatives that may be outside of what is typical for their role.
  • Mentorship embedded in our culture: From day one, you will have a mentor by your side to guide you through the onboarding process. Our Engineering team pairs every team member with a mentor throughout their Asana journey to help them navigate their growth and development.
  • Free executive and life coaching: Every employee can choose from experienced, professional coaches and get 6 free sessions per year, or 9 sessions for people managers.
  • Conscious Leadership Group training: Conscious Leadership provides us with a shared language and philosophy around how we as individuals show up to work everyday. Every Asana is invited to participate in CLG training.

Manager training programs: Investing in managers critical to supporting every employee’s growth and development. Managers have access to Outstanding Manager Bootcamp courses year-round, as well as guides and resources, to ensure that they are building their leadership skills and setting their team up for success.

The technologies we use to build & scale Asana

We put a lot of care into how we ship code. Shipping fast starts with serious investment in tooling, like continuous deployment with multiple pushes per day. Shipping sustainably is about more than just effective work — it requires commitment to creating an environment where people can focus and get creative. Our tech stack includes: 

  • React JS
  • TypeScript
  • Scala
  • Node.js
  • Graphite
  • Redis
  • Kubernetes
  • MySQL
  • Python
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Swift
  • GraphQL
  • Swagger


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Company Benefits

  1. Comprehensive medical, dental, & vision insurance, 100% covered
  2. Spacious offices with awesome city views & ample desk accessories
  3. In-house Culinary team provides 3 healthy meals a day & lots of snacks
  4. Mentorship culture includes mentor pairing & free executive coaching
  5. Monthly credits for Uber or Lyft, plus monthly stipend for commuting
  6. Monthly wellness reimbursement & free onsite yoga classes (SF)
  7. Take PTO when you need it, and recharge with our sabbatical program.
  8. 16 weeks paid parental leave
  9. 3 active Employee Resource Groups building an inclusive community