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Innovative Software for the Construction Industry

Why should YOU join us?

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We leverage technology to build America. Here's how we support you as we revolutionize the construction industry with our software:

#1. Everyone has an ownership mentality that leads us to spend responsibly and take accountability for our actions. It all leads towards a higher company profit-sharing amount and stock ownership.

#2. Wellness isn't just a word in our company handbook. With an annual stipend for races, on-site gym, wellness classes, and more - we'll encourage you to grow towards a healthy lifestyle.

#3. Being stuck in your role won't make you happy forever. We provide funds from our educational advancement program and continuous learning fund to take your knowledge and skills to the next level and achieve your career goals.

#4. Every day we'll provide you with fresh fruit and snacks so you'll have the energy to power through any challenges coming your way.

#5. Put on your power suit or grab a t-shirt and jeans. We have a casual dress environment for you to express yourself.

#6. Ever have someone constantly looking over your shoulder? Yeah...we're not a fan of that either. To us, it's not how many hours you put in, but what you achieve. 

#7. Fun shouldn't be separate from work. You'll be occupied with video game tournaments, nerf gun fights, segway races, and other fun activities for you and your teammates.

#8. You’ll spend approximately half of your life at work. Why make it boring and miserable? You'd be much happier at a job you loved where you look forward to going to the office every day. At HCSS, we're dedicated to providing that kind of career to our employees.

Who are we?

Since 1986, HCSS been developing software to help construction companies streamline their operations. Today, HCSS is recognized as a pioneer and leader in the market, serving thousands of construction companies across the nation. Year after year, they continue to innovate, refine, and expand their products as the industry evolves.

HCSS' mission is to help customers dramatically improve their business through innovative, high-quality software and exceptionally helpful service, while providing a great life for employees.

Over the years, HCSS has built a great employee-centric culture that engages the entire workforce through employee ownership, wellness, and career development.

Headquartered in Sugar Land, TX on an amenity-rich campus, HCSS features a covered basketball/volleyball court, exercise room, game room, bring your dog to work facilities, movie theater, soccer field, 200-meter all-weather track, a 600-meter jogging trail with a hill, and more!

The employee-centric culture has led to several awards and accolades:
- Best Companies to Work for in Texas for 12+ years in a row by Best Companies Group (2008-2019)
- Happiest Company Award by TINYpulse (2015)
- Fast 100 by Houston Business Journal (2015)

The Tech Stack YOU can be working on

We're a HUGE proponent of being on the cutting-edge, so why should our stack be any different? You won't have to worry about your skills being outdated since we're constantly striving to be innovators and leaders in the tech space.






Construction, Information Technology, Software Development


201–500 employees






Company Benefits

  1. Company-Paid Medical Insurance
  2. Employee Stock Ownership and Profit Sharing
  3. Flexible Hours and Work-From-Home Days
  4. On-Site Gym and Wellness Activities
  5. Company-Provided Friday Lunches and Fresh Fruit/Snacks
  6. Educational Advancement Reimbursement
  7. Bring Your Dog to Work
  8. Video Games and Game Room
  9. Working within the latest Tech Stack
  10. Company-Sponsored Events (Crawfish Boil, Grill-Outs, etc.)