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We are an ambitious and fast growing e-commerce retailer from Hamburg, Germany. Since its launch, in May 2014 we are working on our centerpiece ABOUT YOU, an online shop for fashion.

Our objective is to have a lasting impact on the e-commerce market and to create an inspiring and personalized shopping experience for a young, digital target group. More than 2,5 million customers have already convinced themselves. In less than three years we are proud to register a rapid growth of brand awareness and to be part of the top 5 fashion players in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Around 300 employees, including experts of fashion, marketing, and business intelligence, as well as tech-talents with an average age of 29 years, work hard on entering the top 5 of Europe with ABOUT YOU.

We have high demands on the quality of our work and ourselves. We count on openness, speed, and passion and keep learning day by day. If you want to become part of our motivated team and work on one of the most thrilling e-commerce-projects, do not hesitate to get on board and convince yourself!



  • We are passionate to get things done
  • We love to learn new things
  • We have short decision-making processes
  • We keep our flat hierarchies to stay fast and hands-on
  • We continuously improve our product
  • We make quick changes if they help us to further develop
  • We set analysis before experience
  • We appreciate Minimum Viable Product
  • We are always keen to share experience, which is why we host Europe's largest Developer Conference: code.talks 



  • You are keen to resolve problems pragmatically and quickly
  • You are keen to gain experience with high traffic (currently more than 15 Million page views per month)
  • You'd like to implement things hands-on, without heavy evaluation and project planning processes
  • You love to see results quickly and to test the product on the market ASAP to be able to optimize it with the same speed  


Do you want to join our team? Take a look at our current vacancies!




ABOUT YOU is a tech company driven by the passion to develop the best products . Therefore, we constantly need to adapt our organization to new technologies, social changes and changing customer needs. We always want to be first. What do we need to achieve it? We need freedom of choice and the mobility to work on teams or projects where we can both contribute our current skills and experiences and gain as many new ones as possible. That is why we developed a new organizational model: MOVE.

MOVE offers every developer to switch teams and gain new experiences. This approach helps ourselves and our products to grow. Because, besides new experiences, we can inject the highest motivation and passion into our work – this is our biggest strength and our key to success.   

MOVE is based on three pillars which make sure that we continuously learn, adapt and grow:


1. Open structure

We believe in small teams which act like start-ups to support our hands-on mentality and our fast and focused way of working.. Our new model MOVE enables permanent evolution of our current setup. The new structure of topic related units and its very small teams (circles) imply specification and focus. This allows us to flexibly deal with ongoing changes and new challenges.

We have built a framework which brings the opportunity to rapidly adapt our team structures.


2. Striving for Excellence

We give developers the opportunity to specialize in a topic or gain experiences in a new one or even take on greater responsibility. MOVE enables you to switch from one team to another one with a vacant position, taking the chance and accepting the challenge of a new project.  If it complies with your skill set you can become the circle's Lead Developer for a certain time and advance your leadership skills even faster. Almost anything is possible, but this is for sure: We will never get tired or blinded by routine. Instead we will strive for excellence by optimizing our skills and therefore our development. Of course you can also stay in one team and become a specialist in certain technologies or topics.


3. Clarity is King

What we don’t know, we can’t improve. Therefore, in every aspect, our communication is the most transparent. Did we do a great job? We want everyone to know and celebrate. We made a mistake? Instead of acting as if it never happened, we want to discuss and learn from it. We will give you transparency in the topics across teams and explain why is something important. We do our best to be open and honest in our communication. Our technology stack and methods are based on an opinionated mindset. This means we are not following  the latest hype and instead using proven technologies (see slide show below). Got more questions? Get in contact!

If you want to learn more about us and our working habits, feel free to check our MOVE pageFacebook, Twitter and our About You Tech Blog


ABOUT YOU CLOUD - eCommerce infrastructure as a service

After successfully implementing MOVE, our own organizational model for speed and flexibility, ABOUT YOU is now launching the first infrastructure for large scale and innovative eCommerce retailers -  the ABOUT YOU CLOUD.

Due to a lot of positive feedback to our infrastructure and many requests from other retailers within the last years, we decided to expand our business and launch the ABOUT YOU CLOUD with our shop backend BACKBONE as the first licensed product. The ABOUT YOU CLOUD is a real game changer in terms of high scale eCommerce infrastructures.

Compared to classic systems, it is way more flexible with zero monitoring and maintenance costs. It also offers easy-to-use tools and state-of-the-art interfaces / APIs to handle complex business processes. Traffic peaks are no problem as the Cloud already serves more than 45.000 orders and more than 80 million API calls per day. Thanks to BACKBONE, our clients can focus all development resources on their front end, because we provide the complex backend that is not visible for the customer.

If you want to learn more, have a look at ABOUT YOU CLOUD.




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ABOUT YOU GmbH - Hamburg, Germany
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ABOUT YOU GmbH - Hamburg, Germany
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ABOUT YOU GmbH - Hamburg, Germany
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ABOUT YOU GmbH - Hamburg, Germany
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ABOUT YOU GmbH - Hamburg, Germany
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ABOUT YOU GmbH - Hamburg, Germany
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Company Website E-Commerce, Fashion, Web Technology 201-500 people Founded 2014 Private


Company Benefits

  1. Brand new office in Hamburg's city center
  2. Free drinks of all kind & fresh fruit every day
  3. Free Laracasts account
  4. Attractive employee discounts in all our shops
  5. Subsidised use of public transport
  6. Free English and German classes
  7. Freedom of choosing IDE and hardware
  8. Attractive discounts with various partners (e.g. gym, shops, etc.)
  9. Help in the Visa application and relocation process if needed
  10. Free entry to one of Europe's largest Developer Conferences: CodeTalks