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Actyx software digitally powers production processes in the manufacturing industry—where most of the GDP is created by tens of millions of people in Europe. We assist operators with contextual information and documentation; we gather process and machine data; we make production planning and execution dynamic and agile, based on real-time big data analytics. In an industry where installed systems typically display UIs from the nineties we lift IT into the 21st century—why should a manufacturing system be less intuitive to use than a social media app?

The Challenge

Developing technology to power factories is very hard: what works in the living rooms does not usually work here. Helping machine operators, supervisors and managers, requires understanding their pain and understanding their world. This focus on the end-user lies at the center of our culture. Every UX-design, every line of code and every architecture decision aims to help these people by making their life a little easier.

We need you!

But we are facing further challenges. How does the factory not stop running when the internet goes down? We need mission-critical offline functionality. How do we ensure sensitive data does not get into the wrong hands? We need compliance- and security-by-default. How do we ensure our technology is easily installable? We need intuitive configurability. How do we ensure we can integrate with legacy third-party systems? We need cloud-connected on-premise adapters. How do we ensure our systems meet special requirements? We need a development environment for our customers.
Join us, build with us and help us bring this industry into the 21st century!

Our Tech Stack

We are strong believers of using the right tool for the job. One challenge is that the factory cannot stop when network connections or devices fail. Another challenge is that the user experience of our UIs must fit like a glove, perfectly responsive even in the harsh environment of a manufacturing plant. This combination requires us to leverage novel combinations of technologies from front-end and distributed systems.

On the back end we employ microservices according to the Reactive principles, with the selection of tools including Scala, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka. On the front end we prefer declarative UI frameworks, but the Android SDK is used as well. We keep a close eye on technical debt and run a state of the art CI/CD pipeline to sustain our ability to move fast—we are in it for a marathon, not a sprint.

Job Openings

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Actyx - München, Germany
Equity Paid relocation
Company Website Industrial Automation, Internet of Things, Manufacturing 11-50 people Private

Company Benefits

  1. awesome team
  2. flexible work hours
  3. pushing the boundaries
  4. high offline impact
  5. remote work
  6. interesting hardware and industrial use-cases
  7. equity package