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“It’s not about how big or small things are right now but how big they could be.” – Melissa Nathania, Graphic Designer at adjoe adjoe is disruptive, driven, dynamic – and hiring. Look at our careers page on the website.


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Will you be our next Android Mobile Developer, dedicated to scaling our adtech platform beyond our millions of monthly active users? Use test-driven development processes to further improve our test coverage and ensure the smooth releases of our SDK updates to our hundreds of partner apps.


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How does our DevOps Engineer Maaz work with adjoe’s tech stack? Read about his current project with Elasticsearch and Terraform and how the latter allows Maaz and his team to provision resources and rapidly track changes after configuring them.


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•Learn As You Earn: Learning budget, hackathons, German lessons •Screen Time & Serene Time: Yoga, ping-pong, 30 vacation days •Location & Relocation: Visa & relocation support, transport subsidy •Out of Office: Company trips, team events •Life–Work Balance: WFH 2× a week, remote work weeks


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Hackathons make for happy developers – and partners. Because it weren’t for days dedicated to exploring new and exciting technologies and solutions for adjoe’s product, stagnation would be real. Read our last article on Davud and Maaz’ feature flags and release management software project.

Build Your Career, Build Our Technologies at adjoe

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Every great app out there deserves to be connected with the right users and the right revenue streams. And adjoe will give this to them.

We’re a leading mobile ad platform developing cutting-edge advertising and monetization solutions that takes app partners’ business to the next level. Our unique ad technologies have made adjoe one of the fastest-growing ad platforms with over 200 million users – and despite this rapid growth, our modern technologies and unique software solutions have remained stable and evolved with the growth of our business.

Part of the applike group ecosystem, adjoe is home to an advanced tech stack and powerful financial backing from Bertelsmann. We’re a hub of disruption and thought leadership in the app economy, with a driven and dynamic workforce to be reckoned with.

An Experienced Team with an Experimental Mindset

Frontend, backend, Android, iOS, product managers, QA, data science, DevOps, anti-fraud solutions specialists – our developers come from diverse disciplines and countries, but we’re united in our mindset and our goals.

Our cross-functional teams build adjoe’s own Android and iOS SDKs as well as unique software solutions and ML algorithms for mobile app developers, so they can offer their users a premium in-app experience. To successfully serve the right ads for the right users, we handle a few billion auctions every day in real time. And our experienced team of backend developers make this happen.

Success needs to be shared and shown – that’s why we also build our own state-of-the-art high-performance dashboards, which, powered by Druid, make querying large amounts of data possible in seconds. The secret to the success of our dashboards is really no secret at all. Our frontend and backend developers and Cloud Technologies teams work with high code quality and testing standards, different mechanisms to auto-scale, and resilient cloud infrastructure.

It’s not just about mastering the technologies you know; it’s also about testing new technologies and developing new solutions. Which is why we have an experimental mindset and host regular hackathons. Together, we turn ideas into scalable solutions.  

So, it’s simple: You choose the hardware and software that empowers you to enhance our product and business – and your career.



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Ad Tech, Advertising Technology, Mobile Application


11-50 employees









Company Benefits

  1. Work with the newest technologies
  2. Free in-house food and drinks
  3. Flexible working hours with WFH days
  4. Generous annual conference budget
  5. Relocation support
  6. Dog-friendly office
  7. Free German and yoga classes
  8. Annual company trip
  9. Free gym membership
  10. Regular company hackathons