We Provide Telecom Network Monitoring & Analysis Software for Comms Providers Worldwide

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Who We Are

Anritsu’s main philosophy is to offer specialised software solutions for global communications providers that are developed by our internal R&D team. This means we simply love developers and rely on them a great deal when innovating our existing products and introducing new ones to the market.

We count app. 4000 employees globally, out of which 900 are located in EMEA region. The size of the company helps a lot to keep a friendly atmosphere and combine it with advantages of international corporate culture. We fully utilise existing technical talent in three R&D departments located in Rome (Italy), Bucharest (Romania) and Bratislava (Slovakia).

Anritsu Team and Beyond

Our employees have a unique opportunity to take part in developing of telecom network monitoring software that is sold to comms providers worldwide. The solution is developer in-house and customised as per the customers' requirements. By joining Anritsu, you can take a fair share in innovating Anritsu products, customising pre-finished products as per customer’s need as well as general maintenance. If interested, you will have a chance to travel to various locations globally as well as grow internally across teams and technologies.

Apart from coding, programming, testing and watching The Game of Thrones late in the afternoon on the 75” LCD screen we also like to play table football or even have a competition in running the stairs up to the 10th floor (especially applicable for Bratislava office). We are big fans of running, football and martial arts. We like company after-work social gatherings, outdoor activities as well as breakfast organised on monthly basis.

Anritsu Tech Stack

At Anritsu we focus on solving complex telecom network problems by utilising a broad spectrum of available IT technologies.  We bring innovation to the most use-cases applicable in our industry. Our service assurance solution is a multi-tiered system and uses multiple technology stacks, depending on the use-case.

- Most of our solution is deployed on rack servers using Linux (CentOS/RHEL) and can work on bare-metal or even in the cloud using virtualization

- High performance data acquisition and protocol decoding are obtained using mostly C/C++

- Our big-data architecture relies on Hadoop, Apache Storm, Apache Zookeeper, Kafka, HPE Vertica as well as proprietary C/C++ development.

- When it comes to data visualizations our tech stack relies on following  frameworks: GWT (G Web-toolkit), Bootstrap and one of the leaders in data visualizations: Tableau.


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Company Benefits

  1. Extra Vacation days
  2. Flexible Working Hours
  3. Latest Technology Tools and Hardware
  4. Work / Life Balance
  5. Career Opportunities within the company incl. relocation
  6. Private health insurance (selected countries)
  7. Work from home
  8. Regular participation on STEM events (Selected Countries)
  9. Quality time outside of the office/working hours