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Developing solutions for seamless transmission of TV on a global scale

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Nobody watches TV anymore…

Remember waiting for your favorite show, sitting through commercials and missing the plot twist while popping popcorn? Dire times indeed. Thankfully, TV in the traditional sense is a relic. TV is dead, long live TV.

We [stream, cast, fast-forward, pause] binge on [phones, tablets, laptops] formats [4:3, 16:9] pixels [1920x1080, 1280x720, 512x288…] trends [VR, AR, 3D, 4K]

The rebirth of TV puts software front and center. Appear TV fosters innovation through learning by doing. Essentially, we look to industry trends, and work in lean teams that take on specific projects based on our findings. We need skilled developers for the next TV revolution, one where the pixelated dimension is every bit as lifelike as our own. 

sometimes... we believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast

Curiosity. Our main driver and a focal point of how we work. We actively encourage the ability to question truth, challenge bias and disrupt the status quo. This stakes out unconventional paths that draws novel conclusions. As a member of a tightly-knit team, everyday work is centered on the ability and willingness to learn, as we often embark on projects without having a clear idea of the subsequent outcome.

...a melting pot of java

The corridors of Appear TV is an ecosystem in its own right. Representing some 25 different nationalities, we see first-hand that diversity fosters creativity. Our social events range from ski trips, relays, pub crawls, outings and parties. Lonely Planet also recently rated Oslo as one of 10 cities to visit in 2018.  

you take the red pill… 

How far does the rabbit hole go? Billions of people watch TV every day. The industry is one of the largest in the world. Appear TV attends exhibitions all over the globe. What are we seeing? A rebirth of what TV is and will be capable of doing.  


Our Tech Stack

Our development is centered on our software projects. These range from OTT streaming solutions, audio codecs, Encoding and Transcoding of HEVC as well as GUI frontend design. Our tech portfolio comprise both SW and HW, often interlaced to ensure optimal performance. As more and more of our solutions become software-centric, we need skilled developers, specifically ones well versed within Java, C++ or Python.

Job Openings

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Appear TV - Oslo, Norway
€45k - 70k | Equity Paid relocation
High response rate

Okay, you won’t see this job anymore. Undo

Appear TV - Oslo, Norway
€45k - 70k Visa sponsor Paid relocation
High response rate

Okay, you won’t see this job anymore. Undo

Appear TV - Oslo, Norway
€45k - 75k | Equity Visa sponsor Paid relocation
High response rate

High response rate

This company responds to the majority of applications it receives.

Company Website IPTV, Telecommunications, Video Streaming 51-200 people Founded 2004 Private

Company Benefits

  1. Competitive Norwegian salary
  2. Work-Life balance
  3. Optional attendance of global tech Exhibitions
  4. 5-week annual vacation
  5. Stock-based bonus scheme
  6. Fitness room
  7. Free lunch + kitchen stocked with food
  8. Loads of after-work events
  9. Choose your own developer tools
  10. Multicultural and diverse environment