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Championing Technology in a Collaborative Environment

In 15 years, Aptera has expanded from 2 to 92 onsite employees in our Fort Wayne, Indiana office. We’ve done it organically through deep relationships with our clients and meaningful connections between team members. We partner with clients who have adopted technology in a sophisticated way to solve complex business problems, and whose needs match our expertise in design and development. However, we also carry our Midwestern practicality with us, working alongside our clients as friends and taking a common sense approach to communication, collaboration, and problem solving.

Our Tech Stack

At Aptera, you’ll get the opportunity to work on a variety of projects including web and mobile apps and websites. Want to dive into cutting edge technologies like AR/VR, big data, or machine learning? You can with Aptera’s diverse client base and focus on continuous education.

Aptera fosters a culture of growth, which values and promotes an increasing sophistication in the way we design, develop, and deliver projects. To that end, we are rooted in continuous learning both on the technical side of our work and in process improvement.

All newly hired developers spend their first several weeks in our Aptera Academy, which is an individualized training program designed to equip you with the tools you need to successfully jump into client projects. A range of curriculum is covered including the best practices like TDD and CI/CD; Agile development and associated frameworks like Scrum and Kanban; clean coding standards; and the technologies we use on a day-to-day basis.

Our developers benefit from an array of professional development opportunities including online subscriptions to platforms like Pluralsight and Coursera, company-sponsored study groups for certifications, regular lunch and evening events for skill enhancement, and dedicated time during the workday to research and experiment with new technologies. We also send our team members to coding conferences like CodeMash, Beer City Code, and AgileIndy, just to name a few.

Our eagerness to share doesn't stop at our doors! You may find Aptera developers presenting, speaking, and attending conferences worldwide, giving the rest of the community a look at the methods and lessons we've learned through experience. We also work with our clients to train their development staff on new technologies and processes to help keep them sharp in their practices.


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Aptera Software - Fort Wayne, IN
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Company Benefits

  1. Medical, Dental, Vision and 401K
  2. Flexible hours and work from home policy
  3. Remote work opportunities
  4. PTO
  5. Casual dress code
  6. Weekly friday employee recognition meeting and breakfast
  7. Kitchen snacks and beer
  8. Weekly Lunch n' Learns and Aptera Women in Technology Group
  9. Xbox, ping pong, hoverboards, and other games
  10. Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability and Life Insurance