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AxeTrading Ltd

International FinTech company, with HQ in London and Innovation Centre in Magdeburg.

Passion cannot be programmed. But we use it in our software development

Company Cover Image

Founded in 2009, AxeTrading is a fast-growing FinTech company with head office in London, Innovation Centre in Magdeburg and sales offices in Sydney and Singapore.
Our software enables our customers (banks) located on four continents to efficiently leverage fixed income electronic trading. 

Team work is a key factor in our environment; our development, testing and support departments are working in very close contact under the same roof, in the so-called "ThinkTank" in the "Science Harbour" of Magdeburg, applying the Scrum framework. 

Our team is on average 33 years old and comes from 12 countries.
We are IT axe*-perts: We do what we love and we love what we code. This is our strongest bond. 

Our job is to make our users' job easier. Worldwide.
Our way is providing quality through innovation. Worldwide.
Our goal is to create software solutions that make the difference. Worldwide.

Worldwide: our Passion, our Success.


*NB: 'Axe': The interest a person or trader shows in buying or selling a fixed income security. 
A trader may have specific interest in a certain fixed income security based on their trading positions. Such a person may be said to be 'Axed' in that security.

Our Tech Stack

Do expect:

  • code reviews
  • pair programming
  • support in exploring new technologies
  • workstation with (at least) 2 screens
  • internal learning cycle
  • Scrum

Job Openings

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Computer Software, Financial Technology


11–50 employees






Company Benefits

  1. Professional yet friendly work atmosphere; flat hierarchy
  2. Team members coming from 12 countries
  3. Daily Italian Espresso machine and view on the Elbe
  4. Weekly Dönerstag (lunch break with döner & IT TV series)
  5. Biweekly fit break (to compensate Dönerstag)
  6. Yearly hiking day, bike tour and city relay-race
  7. Kicker tournament