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The challenge: Solving real-life problems

In 2007 we didn’t enter the online language learning market - we started it.

Since then, one challenge drives us: Everybody learning languages. Why? Because we understand the power of language. How it builds confidence, connects people, and solves real-life problems. From landing a new job to asking for directions abroad, our work matters.

We taught ourselves how to create a language learning app that works. So we live a culture at Babbel that accepts there is always more to learn. Through innovation, curiosity, and results - the bad as well as the good. We are bold enough to try new things but humble enough to know there’s a lot left to achieve.

This is how we made Babbel the world’s top-grossing language learning app with millions of paying customers. And the reason Fast Company awarded us ‘The world’s most innovative education company’.

Being first was just the beginning. Today, we’re not only a part of the online language learning market - we lead it. Join us and help us stay there.

You don't only work, you grow

Like our users, we’re always learning. It has been part of our culture since day one. In fact, we insist on it. In a friendly way. It’s why we have our award-winning Babbel Academy to offer internal training like negotiation, presentation skills and more. We even have our own Data Academy, individual external training budgets and, of course, language lessons and full Babbel access for all Babbelonians.


We want to hear your story!

Berlin to New York, we’re over 600 friendly Babbelonians from over 50 nations. This is more than a fact - it’s our strength. Through weekly diversity discussions ‘Stranger Talks’, speaker series Babbel: Perspectives, and regular social events, we encourage all to bring, share and celebrate their stories. Not just regardless of differing gender, background, sexuality or age, but because of it.

Tech Stack

Babbel is a product with a purpose. We don’t just code to sell more ‘stuff’ - the world has enough of it. Or to develop another app that you’ll only use a few times for fun. Our work at Babbel solves everyday problems experienced by, well, everyone. Which is why anyone can use it. Because language empowers people through conversation and the confidence that comes from it. Now that is useful

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Babbel (Lesson Nine GmbH) - Berlin, Germany
Paid relocation

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Babbel (Lesson Nine GmbH) - Berlin, Germany
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Company Website eLearning, Language Learning Software, Mobile Application 501-1k people Founded 2007 Private


Company Benefits

  1. Work that solves real-life problems
  2. Diversity: A team of 700 from over 50 different nationalities
  3. Free in-house training academy, hackathons, conference budgets
  4. 30 vacation days, flexible hours, homeoffice, family friendly
  5. Relocation support
  6. Fresh fruit and drinks
  7. A high-end company bike