We build business software that people love and that changes an entire industry.


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Using the latest of what technology has to offer, overcoming difficult technical challenges and constantly learning in order to solve what is arguably one of the biggest problems in the IT world today – the huge waste of using unproductive legacy software at work by millions of people.


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Ship product updates multiple times per day

How long does it take for your code to actually reach end-users? For us it’s a matter of seconds—without any downtime. Who better to judge whether your code should be pushed to production than you yourself? We trust you. In fact we want you to push to production from day 1.

Take ownership

No army of managers can substitute self-driven, responsible teams who communicate directly with each other. Small teams, big responsibility—that’s how we do it. You take ownership of your projects, drive them and make decisions.

Embracing SOA

Instead of maintaining one big pile of code we’ve broken it down to many self-contained services that talk to each other through APIs. You can get in fast and be productive right away. 

Meetings. Attend at will.

Ever found yourself in a daily standup and saying ‘same as yesterday?’ Well, we don’t do that. We take meetings only when we need to and you’re free to leave them the moment you decide there’s no need for that—in fact you should.






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51–200 employees




VC Funded



Company Benefits

  1. Ability to impact the way thousands of people work every day
  2. Real influence on what exactly we build and how
  3. Ownership of the projects you are working on
  4. Team of passionate people who love what they do
  5. Choice of your own hardware
  6. Personal development funds