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BeCode VZW

BeCode provides a free seven-month training programme in coding for highly motivated people throughout Belgium.

... And kindness for all

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The people at BeCode fight tooth and nails every day to help motivated people change their life by entering a career as digital developer. It is a completely free training. BeCode is financed by private companies and (some) public funding.

At BeCode, the coach is a Sherpa, a guide who provides a safe environment for their learners to fail (and thus learn), and build self confidence. An environment in which the group becomes a family, as mutual help and kindness are key ingredients of the pedagogy.

As a sherpa, the coach knows shortcuts to lead the whole group - not just those who have it easy - onto the other side of the "learn coding" mountain safe, where a bright career in the digital world awaits the junior. The only way forward is to help each other, as the coach does not give new briefings before everyone finishes the current one.


Technology-agnostic (it depends on the local job market needs)

Really, we are technology agnostic. It means that as long as you master at least one algorithmic programing language and have successfully built web applications, websites or mobile /native applications, you have the technological background necessary to coach at BeCode. 


Job Openings

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AI / Data Science Trainer (Antwerp)

BeCode VZW Antwerpen, Belgium

6d ago
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High response rate

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Developer to help people become junior developers (Brussels)

BeCode VZW Bruxelles, Belgium

11d ago
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High response rate

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Web development Trainer (Gent)

BeCode VZW Gent, Belgium

12d ago
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High response rate

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BeCode VZW




11–50 employees







Company Benefits

  1. We provide coaching to our employees
  2. You will have a social impact
  3. We are technology-agnostic