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TL;DR: we build the best patient to physician matching product. We try our best not to be another mindless software factory. Join us, and help people healing 💚

As a leading e-health startup in Germany with over 70 employees, BetterDoc finds the right physicians for patients.

To do so, we are forging a domain model that enables us to represent and store quality data related to health, and use that to make well-based recommendations for the right physician. Join our product team and help us build and evolve our platform that both internal teams and our external customers use. Currently our service is valued by more than 10,000 happy patients per year.


🦸‍♀️ Our mission

BetterDoc is on a mission to always find the right doctors for patients with serious health issues. At the moment, our service is mainly provided by real medical staff like physicians and scientific researchers. They tap into our extensive physicians database and recommend specialists, based on the patient's health issue and intent. Now we are starting to write machines to do parts of our service. Of course, medical staff is here to stay, solve complex cases, train our machines and assure quality. Think of it as a healthy human-machine symbiosis.


⚔️ Our challenge

To have a deep insight into the problems we solve for researchers, members of our call center team and other teams such as physician data administration and analytics, we organise workshops with all stakeholders to get a good and deep understanding of problems and needs. Our learnings are distilled into short briefing documents that are used to capture learnings and sketch out possible solutions.

You will take part in these workshops and grow ideas on how to produce a solution that fits the purpose, and at the same time keeps our platform healthy.

After briefings are set up, we work in project teams on solutions that deliver maximum possible value by solving described needs in a fixed time frame. The product development team consists of passionate and experienced developers and UX people that love to create solutions that fit. We are joined by experts from inside the company who use our solutions to do their jobs.


💪 How we work

Our developers are able to work on all parts of our stack, both in the frontend and the backend, with various focus areas and strengths.

We value curiosity and learning. To support this, we experiment and learn 20% of our work time. You can, for example, invest this time to visit a conference, contribute to open source software or start your own open source project.

We are proud to trust colleagues instead of controlling them. Our team organises itself and reflects on how to improve our working mode.

We plan our work using GitHub and Trello. Projects are self-managed by teams. Management means helping teams and people: removing obstacles, helping out, creating an encouraging environment.

We work to deliver value, not to do as the spec says. Everybody is free (and expected!) to contribute ideas on how to improve architecture, code and organisation. 


Other plus points:

  • our people
  • state of the art hardware
  • free access to the usage of our BetterDoc service
  • remote work, office work - mix and match as it fits
  • flexible working time
  • an organisation built on trust instead of control


Who we are looking for:

  • passionate technicians who are proud of what they build
  • a high level of self-motivation
  • the will to learn and share knowledge
  • ability to leave the comfort zone of known technologies

Our Tech Stack: Ruby and Elixir Microservices on Kubernetes

We believe in using the right technology for a problem. We build a microservice-based platform using Elixir and Ruby on Rails, running inside a Kubernetes cluster hosted by AWS. All AWS resources are setup up and managed using Terraform. 

Services deliver micro frontends that are composed by Stacker, an elixir-based web app created and maintained by our team. Stacker is due to be released as Open Source project.

We love to share! Visit our tech blog at to get some insights into the ideas behind what we build and how we work.

High response rate

This company responds to the majority of applications it receives.





Data Science, Digital Health, Healthcare


51-200 employees









Company Benefits

  1. latest state of the art hardware
  2. a membership in our patient’s club (so that you can use our service!)
  3. flexible working time
  4. an organisation built on trust instead of control
  5. 20% time to learn and grow
  6. no travel
  7. fully remote work as option