BigTime Software

Small Team. Smart people. Full-stack brilliance.

Why BigTime?

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The best part about working at BigTime isn't the location (which is awesome) or the benefits (which are great) or the working environment (which is fast-paced and vibrant).  

It's the team.

You get a chance to work with some of the best .Net developers in the city. And, you get to spend your time on the company's flagship product.  

You aren't one of 50 back-office developers whose work may or may not impact the firm.  You have a real opportunity to be a part of driving our firm's success.

And, the management team gets it.  

The CEO is a technologist (check out what he says about running technology teams), and the entire company is product driven.  Looking for a place where developers are respected and where you are challenged to improve?

Start here.  You'll like what you find.

Our Tech Stack

We've built a team of smart, senior-level developers because the problems we solve always require new technologies. The developers that fit in best here are passionate learners. They're confident, but willing to admit when they aren't sure about something. They aren't afraid to hit the books (or stack) when things get fuzzy.

Every member of our team has spent a lot of time becoming experts in the technologies listed above. But, there isn't one of them so wedded to a specific technology that they wouldn't trade-up (or out) when the situation called for it.

In short, they are thinkers first. They're technologists second, and they're .net coders (or iOS coders, or android coders) a distant third.

Still.  You should probably be able to code-up a decorator in notepad before the actual interview.  Just sayin...

Job Openings

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BigTime Software - Chicago, IL
$80k - 125k



Professional Service Automation


11–50 employees




VC Funded


Company Benefits

  1. Tech-Driven Firm
  2. Extremely Competitive Salaries
  3. Flexible hours
  4. Downtown Location
  5. Award-Winning Product
  6. Growing/Energetic Team
  7. Progressive health benefits
  8. Transit/Flex spending
  9. Free Drinks/Snacks
  10. Training/Education Reimbursements