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Bistrohub Technologies SL

We don't want you to be a code monkey, but to engineer wisely, across all the stack, with the end users in mind.

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About Bistrohub's Tech Stack

We are almost a full monolith now: it suits our needs best at this stage. However, all our (not micro) services are dockerized. Our backend is made with Django, making a heavy use of DRF serializers. We use self-hosted PostgreSQL as the DB and dramatiq for async task processing: not huge fans of Celery. On the frontend, we use React, relying as much as we can on react-admin (pragmatism above all). Typescript team here. We use Bitbucket Pipelines to deploy to Google Cloud Platform (although we are not using any specific service from there).

Specific experience with our tech stack is a nice-to-have, but we will give more value to having experience with the underlying concepts (relational databases, working with ORMs, successful use of any design system...), and above all, the ability and willingness to learn them on your own (not without our help!).



Food & Beverage, Restaurant, SaaS


1–10 employees






Company Benefits

  1. Full Remote
  2. Company Ownership
  3. Product Ownership