We are building an open, accessible and fair financial future.

Delivering financial empowerment to the world, one line of code at a time

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At Blockchain, we are building the future of money. We deliver industry-defining products, in a market that is rapidly and constantly evolving. Blockchain has produced the world’s most popular cryptocurrency wallet, the most trusted Bitcoin explorer and the world’s fastest crypto exchange

 Rebuilding the finance industry is as challenging as it is rewarding, so we are proud to have constructed a team made up of the finest technical minds in the cryptocurrency industry. Our teams work on products that affect over 40 million real users right across the globe, and all of our 160+ employees across London, New York, San Francisco, Vilnius and Luxembourg have a vital role in ensuring these products’ success. 

Engineering @ Blockchain

We are firm believers in the unparalleled value of a strong engineering mindset. As such, we look for developers with sharp technical instincts, a solid understanding of system design and a natural curiosity and ambition to learn more. With these tools, we know that an engineer can succeed with us and will have a huge impact on our teams as they continue to grow.

Here at Blockchain, we have built an engineering culture based on autonomy, responsibility and purpose. We encourage internal mobility, and our engineers are given the freedom to work on projects that most interest them. Each member of our development teams has a very real impact on our global products, and is well-armed with a clear vision of what we are working to achieve for the millions of users that rely on us.

 Running our stack from Google Cloud Platform, our micro service architecture is managed using Docker and Nomad. We run our core platforms and our low-latency crypto trading systems using Java and Kotlin, with our front end layer built with Javascript, React and Redux. Our mobile teams use Swift and Kotlin to build our world-class iOS and Android apps, and are increasingly utilising Rx to build reactive products in a TDD environment. Meanwhile, our QA team is working with Node.js and Java to construct automation frameworks that cover all platforms.

The most important thing that we look for across all teams is attitude. We pride ourselves on encouraging rebellion in our ranks - hiring people with strong, thought-out views who will challenge wrong decisions and say “no” if they feel that their integrity is compromised.

If you’re keen to see more about our open engineering opportunities, you can take a look at our Careers Page!



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“Blockchain Launches Fastest Crypto Exchange in the World” - Fortune


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Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, Financial Technology


51–200 employees







Company Benefits

  1. Loyalty and peer-to-peer bonuses paid in Bitcoin
  2. Opportunity to build products that impact over 40 million users
  3. Unlimited vacation / paid time-off
  4. Friendly team environment
  5. 3x weekly catered lunches, and unlimited free drinks/food/snacks
  6. On-site gym, company sports teams and regular team runs