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At bol.com, we are on our own journey to discover what product-led means. Listen to our podcast and find out what similarities our journey has with other journeys like becoming Agile


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Learn how the bol.com tech vision enables and benefits our developers. Autonomy within a framework.


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With 2 of our engineers, we look into how we keep enhancing the quality the webshop of bol.com using canary testing and analysis, contract testing and end-to-end testing in isolation.


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We discuss Tech Culture Month. - What is Tech Culture Month? - Why is a series of events like this important? - What was the feedback from the community?

Join us to shape the future - in the cloud!

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At bol you build IT, you run IT, you love IT. 

That is our motto. At bol, our tech professionals build software using our skills, creativity and cutting edge technology. We ensure our systems run 24/7, dealing with peaks of 7000 customer requests per second during the holidays. We always strive to build the best for our customers. And together with other disciplines in our product teams we keep on iterating and learning to improve the things we make. As a tech professional: you build it, you run it, you love IT. In our organisation, tech is a core asset of our organization and product teams.

All 150+ innovation teams work autonomously. Our tech stack is expansive – we use Google cloud platform, Java, Kotlin, Go, Python, React, and much more. But you and your team decide what works for you. Want to implement a new technology that can do a better job? Go ahead and prove the case. When and how you do your job is up to you and your colleagues. We trust you to do what works best for your product.

We believe in continuous improvement. That’s why, for example, our data scientists are part of our product teams and are always analyzing data. Together with engineers they build machine learning applications and make recommendations to improve our businesses and products. Over the last 20 years, bol.com has grown massively and continues to evolve, which means it is essential to build high-quality tech products continuously.

Software Engineer at bol.com

Bol is growing massively. And we want to accelerate our growth by inviting (international) Software Engineers to join the bol retail revolution.

Whether you are fluent in Java, Kotlin or Go; if you are agile enough to claim a spot among us, we will gladly take you aboard. Optimize tomorrow’s shopping experience today. Share with the best. Broaden your development horizon. Discover the quirks and charms of The Netherlands. 

We offer an attractive compensation package, including bonuses, personal development programs, and ample opportunities for professional growth. Our positions are open to candidates from all countries. Need to relocate? No problem! We will gladly facilitate your relocation, including a ‘crash course’ in Dutch culture so you will hit the ground running.



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E-Commerce, Information Technology, Retail


1k-5k employees









Company Benefits

  1. Customize your development environment to your heart’s content
  2. Staff discount
  3. In-house gym and garden; work and play go hand in hand
  4. Cozy onsite restaurant and bar
  5. Attractive payment package, including bonuses
  6. Personalized development program
  7. Choose Your Own Device
  8. THE most exciting big data setting this side of the galaxy
  9. Team of highly skilled professionals, you learn from the best