Braze is a customer engagement platform that delivers personalized messaging experiences across push, email, apps, and more.

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Braze is a customer engagement platform that delivers personalized messaging experiences across push, email, apps, and more. Our platform is built specifically for today’s mobile-first world and tomorrow’s ambient computing future. Braze is set apart as the platform that allows for real-time and continuous data streaming, replacing decades-old databases that aren’t built for today’s on-demand, always-connected customer.

We’re solving the very hard problem of humanizing brands - ensuring the world’s best brands can interface with hundreds of millions of users in a way that is highly personalized. Our platform operates at massive scale, collecting hundreds of billions of data points each month and sending hundreds of millions of messages to end-users daily. We use a diverse technology stack rooted in Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Redis, and Hadoop, but we are adding new technologies and paradigms such as Kafka and distributed stream processing.

Read more about us on our product/engineering blog: Building Braze.

Engineering Team and Processes

We’re split broadly across 5 functional disciplines - SDKs, frontend, backend, internal tools, and data infrastructure. We use github for code reviews, Jenkins for CI, and have 4 week sprints. We do retrospectives after projects and major bugs. We use design docs and Trello for project planning and execution.


Technical Challenges

On the SDK side we build APIs for the world's best mobile apps and websites. They have to be easy to use and high functional; they have to work everywhere and ensure they have minimal footprint. On the frontend, we’re making a tool that is highly functional but also intuitive to use for technical and specialized marketing teams. On the backend, we’re scaling for instrumenting data in real time from hundreds of the worlds most heavily used apps and sites. Internal tools is a team of full-stack engineers who work on tools with the potential to boost productivity across the entire organization. Lastly, our data infrastructure team focuses on large-scale systems engineering to help design and scale our next generation of data infrastructure.


Projects you might work on

  • Our "Currents" product leverages Kafka to create a real-time, bidirectional data stream with our clients.
  • Our geofence functionality enables configuration of client applications with geofences to trigger in-app messages, push notifications, email, and webhooks.
  • Our Canvas project orchestrates any number of messages in a directed acyclic graph that guides users through sophisticated workflows.
  • Our backend processes billions of data points per day in real-time to be leveraged in analytics and messaging features.

Braze's Technology Stack

While we use a variety of cutting edge web and mobile technologies at Braze, we're constantly evaluating new tools and encourage everybody to identify the right tool for the job. Additionally, we care little about the language-specific knowledge that you have walking through the door -- we're much more interested in finding talented team members who are quick learners with excellent software fundamentals.

We build SDKs for Java/Android, Objective-C/iOS, and Javascript/Web. We also build wrapper SDKs for Unity, Xamarin, Cordova, Segment, and React Native. We support sending push notifications to Kindle devices and to Android devices via Baidu.

Our dashboard is a Ruby on Rails web application built on top of Redis and MongoDB. We have a data streaming infrastructure built on Kafka. On the frontend, we use a combination of React, Knockout, ES6, and Coffeescript.

Job Openings

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Braze - New York, NY
$165k - 195k | Equity
Company Website Big Data, Customer Communication Management, SaaS 201–500 people Founded 2011 VC Funded


Company Benefits

  1. Health, Dental, and Vision
  2. 401(k) matching
  3. Daily catered lunches
  4. Flexible hours
  5. Flexible vacation policy
  6. Tuition Reimbursement
  7. Transparent culture
  8. Beautiful Office
  9. Commuter Pre-tax benefits
  10. Relaxed work environment