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About the company

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At Brushfire, it’s our goal to be the go-to ticketing and registration platform our clients deserve. We’re an event management software-as-a-service platform that provides assigned seat ticketing, general admission, and support for concerts, conferences, camps, productions, plays, sports, and anything else where people gather. We handle thousands of events every day, on every continent, ranging anywhere from a handful to 20k+ attendees.

Brushfire strives to facilitate successful events around the world by providing great software and service that never stops improving. We believe the church, non-profit, and secular organizations deserve the most elegantly architected platform for event management. Both at the technology and service layer.

As our team is 100% remote, our team members are located all over the place. We interact daily through Slack, Clubhouse, Google, Sketch, and tons of other virtual tools, but we also try to ensure team members get together monthly or quarterly (depending upon the team) to interact with each other. 

Our Tech Stack

Brushfire is focused on being agile and effective. We have been a .NET shop for over a decade and have thrived in that environment. But that doesn't mean we're stuck in WebForms and aren't interested in new technologies. Our architecture is distributed across all three major cloud providers (Microsoft, Amazon, and Google) and we have code running in several different arrangements from serverless functions all the way to large-scale tiered applications.





E-Commerce, Events, SaaS


11–50 employees






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Company Benefits

  1. Work at home
  2. Flexible Hours
  3. Paid Vacation
  4. Small Team
  5. Paid Health Insurance
  6. Work with kind and friendly people/customers