Health Information Exchange software platform and applications
  • Health Care, Software Development
  • 51-200 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2003

Our work actually matters.

CareEvolution's Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform creates better patient outcomes. Our exchanges ingress clinical data from a wide variety of sources - claims, admissions, orders, labs etc. - and supply interfaces by which client applications - including our own - can consume, project, modify, and aggregate that data in all sorts of interesting and useful ways. 

We're small (around 70 people) - and all of us are technical - and we firmly believe that a small team of motivated high achievers can accomplish truly great, meaningful work.

We're very proud of our culture and people at CareEvolution.  Our team is intelligent, competent, focused, creative, kind, ... and humble.  (Really!)  We've spent a great deal of thought and effort designing our organization to promote creativity and innovation, and to empower everybody to be as effective as they can be.  We can get away with this because we exclusively hire smart, fully-formed adults who can get things done, and who are committed to solving the many problems we have in health IT.

CareEvolution's Culture at a Glance

  • No reporting hierarchy
  • No management
    • "Management" is not a title, role, or credential for a few but an activity to be performed by each individual.  It's not that we have no managers; it is that we are all managers.
  • No titles
  • No defined roles - just malleable, permeable areas of responsibility; e.g.:
    • Dev
    • DevOps
    • Implementation
  • No formal reviews
  • No assignments
  • No time tracking
    • We prefer to focus on effectiveness - obviously there is some sort of correlation between effectiveness and hours worked, but it is not necessarily linear... and we do not expect or condone 80-hour workweek heroics... if that is going on, we feel that there is a problem.
  • No vacation, expense, or other policy
  • No corporate office (just a large office in Ann Arbor for when people are interested/stimulated by hanging out, and a smaller one in the Chicago area)
  • About 70 people - virtual from the beginning and by design
    • 45% Ann Arbor
    • 55% elsewhere
  • Hyper-focused mission
  • Hyper-focused client selection
  • Well-established coding standards, code review standards, release process
  • Very high level of trust among team members
  • Eschewal of dumb processes
    • Processes exist to serve the needs of the individual -- not the other way around
  • Work/Life Fusion
    • Work and Life are not two extremes to be "balanced" on a net-zero sum game see-saw... on the contrary, we believe in Work/Life Fusion -- a single inseparable continuum.  Work exists to serve the needs of the individual and their family -- not the other way around.
  • Doing Good is Good Business
  • We know success
  • We are happy

The problems we solve are real and pressing

One example problem that Health Information Exchange helps solve is the lack of visibility across institutions.  Often, patient care is managed across multiple hospitals, clinics, and practices. Our platform allows caregivers - and patients themselves - to access a patient's complete medical history across all institutions in the exchange. In other words the physician can see everything that's happened to the patient - cross-institution - on one screen.  That kind of access and visibility empowers caregivers to give the most informed care possible to their patients.

Another: the prevention of Never Events. One frequently-occurring Never Event is when a certain type of catheter remains in a patient for too long, in which case the risk of hospital-borne infection increases. If that happens, insurers will refuse to reimburse the hospital for the treatment of the infection, and so the hospital must shoulder the financial burden.  This expense can run tens of thousands of dollars per patient. So, it is in the financial interest of the hospital to identify which patients are at risk, and to take corrective action. In this case - as is often the case - the financial incentives align with the mission of creating better patient outcomes. CareEvolution has leveraged many different components of our stack and a variety of data sources - labs, orders, nurse notes, financials, etc. - to create actionable responses for these kinds of opportunities.

There are many other use cases for exchange - probably many of which we haven't even discovered yet!  But, our mission remains the same: any opportunity in which we can create better patient outcomes is the business that we want to be in, and the business that we find ourselves in.

Visit to learn more - or contact us ( - and we'll explain what CareEvolution is all about.  And don't miss our culture presentation from QCon 2015: CareEvolution: Building a Company through Ambiguity, Judgment, Trust, and WorkLife Fusion

The CareEvolution HIEBus Tech Stack

The core is written in C# with an SQL datastore (commonly MSSQL, but can be others).  Data drivers (adapters) are often written in C#, Python, Java... whatever the right tools are appropriate for a given integration.  Our architecture is service-oriented, in that it is a cluster of Windows services that run as web services.  We have created many client applications that consume these services - including some web clients for patients and caregivers (ASP.NET, C#, MVC3/4/5 and the usual HTML stack including Javascript, JQuery, Angular, D3 etc.).  We also have a few standalone apps and mobile apps (including several iOS apps) that consume those same services.

We have great benefits

Management-less environment

Work from anywhere

Competitive Salary

401K & Defined Benefit

Strong Partnerships

Flex Time

Hackathons every 8 weeks

Talented coworkers

Biweekly post-work get-togethers

This work actually matters

Our open jobs

Developers for healthcare software platform

Ann Arbor, MI (allows remote) (relocation offered) (visa sponsorship offered)

Note: this job is open to US Residents only.  Foreign nationals can apply but only if you live within the…


320 Miller Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104