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Become part of Carmen Data's development team and develop the latest tools to help combat environmental and financial issues in the automotive world.

As Web Development technologies evolve at a staggering pace, with new frameworks, applications techniques and hardware appearing almost daily, we want to find the best of what's new and apply it to the many challenges faced by drivers around the world.

We are developing mobile ready tools for consumers and sellers to use on dealership forecourts, comprehensive and powerful desktop comparison software to find the best vehicle to suit a driver's needs, fleet solutions to save employers and employees money while owning a vehicle and ways to help drivers minimize or completely remove the effect they have on the ecosystem around them.

Every member of the team brings something unique and gets their own key areas to look after, while still sharing collaborative core code between our many projects and the rest of the developers. We work in an open office, with lots of collaboration and discussion but everyone gets to shut off with headphones on and heads down to plough through their code.

Carmen Data are automotive web experts delivering data, websites, plugins and tools to clients in the automotive, fleet and publishing sectors. We supply the industry with a comprehensive database of vehicle data through multiple technologies.

Carmen Data produce a variety of web solutions for automotive clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, VW Group as well as industry publications, finance companies and most importantly our own sites.

Some of the sites built by Carmen Data Ltd include:


The automotive industry is constantly innovating, and we want to continue to lead the way with tools that handle the fast changing tax, environmental and financial challenges.


We use a Rackspace Cloud solution with multiple servers to distribute tasks and workload, as well as Amazon AWS S3 as file storage system.

Our websites are built with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node and Coldfusion running on a LAMP stack - but that's not the extent of the work we do, we've supported our clients with Wordpress, ASP, PHP and .NET integration and we're always looking to see what else we can add to our dev process.

RESTful APIs and downloads with customised data managed by our Bespoke CMS are a specialty, providing raw data and analytics to clients that already have a front end and just need to feed it with high quality, update to date information on UK vehicles.

Large amounts of data get collected and collated by our back end systems and to handle this we make use of the simplicity and power of Shell scripting, NodeJS and command line MySQL.

And everything we do is tracked in Git and stored on Github

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Company Benefits

  1. Flexible hours
  2. Competitive pay
  3. Friendly, sociable office
  4. Pension scheme
  5. In-house and off-site training
  6. Alfie the dog
  7. Nespresso, many types of tea, regular cake
  8. Childcare vouchers
  9. Cycle to work scheme
  10. Walking distance from Clifton Downs