We exist to unlock creativity.

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We don't have ping pong, nap rooms or free snacks.

With flexible hours, a generous vacation policy and the best darn coworkers you could ask for, we don't need to resort to bribing new hires with candy from our creepy white van.

Besides, our product team works 100% remote so the ping pong table wouldn't get much use.

edit: actually, our NYC office has ping pong now. also snacks. :/

What is Ceros?

The Ceros platform empowers designers and marketers to create and publish beautiful, interactive content experiences without the need for developers.

Our users work collaboratively in real-time on a browser-based digital canvas to create pixel-perfect experiences with rich animations and interactivity. The experiences they publish work consistently across all browsers and devices, and all customer engagement is tracked with extensive analytics. All without writing code.

The right tool for the task at hand.

We’re not language zealots. Our current server-side infrastructure runs PHP, Node.js, Redis, MySQL, Chef, and more on the AWS cloud. On the front end we're using backbone and jquery for our single-page apps.

We've found that our best asset is our ability to try something new.

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Company Website Advertising Technology, Content Marketing, Publishing 51-200 people Founded 2007 VC Funded


Company Benefits

  1. Flexible Vacation Policy
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Enjoy Your Work
  4. Flexible Hours
  5. Top-notch Gear
  6. Stock Options
  7. Work 100% From Home
  8. Team meet-ups 3x/year