We’re leading the way to a more private and secure digital world. Consumers in over 180 countries around the globe rely on our software.

More about the team

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We hire world-class developers, product managers, and marketers in the industry, and give them the tools to succeed. Together, we ship beautiful, usable software for desktop and mobile that consumers all around the world use and love every day.

Some of our Tech challenges:

  • Scale and performance challenges. Handle tens of thousands of rpm, scale across geographically distributed datacenters, solve complex computational tasks quickly, and be highly available.
  • Security. We work with world-class penetration testers.
  • API design. We have apps for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Smart-TVs, Routers, and Linux. Keep the API designs simple and meet the various requirements for our apps.
  • Split-testing. We make heavy use of A/B testing to optimize our front-end for sales conversions. We have enough volume to often get significant results within one day.

Our Tech Stack

  • We use a micro-services architecture. Across the company, we operate more than 50 independently deployed services.
  • Our most commonly used tools for the backend are: Ruby/Rails/RSpec, Python/Lambda, Lua/OpenResty, Ansible/Cloudformation/Terraform.
  • Our Apps run on a Golang cross-platform engine, a c++ Shared library, and native development on each platform.
  • We invest heavily in automated test coverage and reasonably efficient CI and CD workflows. We’re able to trust our tests sufficiently such that there is effectively zero manual regression testing, and we deploy to production dozens of times per day.
  • We perform code reviews for effectively all changes. That’s embedded in our culture. We find it’s an effective way of spreading knowledge and skills around the team and ensuring high quality of tests, code and documentation.

Job Openings

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Chengbao - Hong Kong
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Chengbao - Hong Kong





B2C, Cybersecurity


201–500 employees







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Company Benefits

  1. Top Medical and Dental Insurance
  2. Flexible working hours, great work life balance
  3. Free breakfast
  4. Fitness equipment
  5. Ping-pong table and boardgames
  6. High performance based bonus
  7. Powerful hardware
  8. No dress code
  9. Frequent tech talks and sponsored learning
  10. Learn from the best