Visual Intelligence for Critical Decisions

Why CineMassive?

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Engage with Cutting Edge Technology
At CineMassive, you will work and play daily with a wide variety of hardware and software tools. Our large, constantly evolving catalogue of cutting-edge visualization technology creates an exciting, dynamic work environment.

Solve Challenging Problems
As a member of the CineMassive development team, you will tackle challenging, exciting problems. You will use a variety of tools and methods as well as your personal skillset to develop our technology and provide solutions for our customers. Our solutions-oriented perspective encourages creative and innovative problem solving.

Enjoy a Dynamic Workflow
At CineMassive, we believe that assigning narrow responsibilities and monotonous work leads to a stale and unenjoyable experience. As part of the CineMassive development team, you will enjoy an agile, rotating workflow that keeps your work fresh and exciting.

Take Pride In Your Work
At CineMassive, you will be developing mission-critical software products that power systems for the US Armed Services, Fortune 500 companies, leading research universities, and other prominent customers. Because of the critical nature of our work, we place enormous value on the quality, integrity, and sustainability of our code and adhere to a clean code philosophy.

Enjoy our Perks
As a member of the CineMassive development team, you will enjoy a number of perks including flexible hours, work from home options, a casual dress code, and access to our resident robot. Our midtown location is easily accessible and located right across the street from Sweetwater Brewery.

About CineMassive

Founded in 2005, CineMassive has quickly emerged as the leading technology resource in delivering innovative video wall solutions for critical environments. CineMassive has designed, installed, and supported systems for every branch of the US Armed Services as well as NASA, the Pentagon, Special Operations Command, FEMA, and top Fortune 500 companies. Our technology and services empower our customers to see more clearly, collaborate more fluidly and make better decisions.

Our advanced research and development team works tirelessly to develop and enhance our software, hardware, and customer service solutions. Every project is unique, and our solutions-based methodology allows us to fully engage and collaborate with our customers to meet the operational requirements and vision for each project.




Computer Software, computer hardware


51–200 employees







Company Benefits

  1. Paid Time Off (PTO)
  2. Flexible Hours
  3. Health Benefits
  4. Close to City Center
  5. Work from Home Options
  6. Onsite Fitness Center
  7. Ergonomic Chairs and Standing Desks
  8. Human Friendly
  9. Pet Friendly