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Real Music in Real Life
  • 1-10 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2013

Why Closeup Exists

The music industry is broken. So we’re using web-based technologies to organize a worldwide network of private venues and create a bigger musician middle class. brings bands and fans together in living rooms, backyards, and other intimate spaces around the world for one-of-a-kind live music experiences.

What if more musicians could earn a livelihood doing what they love? What if we could democratize live music? What if we could tell our kids, “Of course you can earn a living making art!” So is about art and beauty and fairness and togetherness. We hope it will infuse your life with more joy.

How does work? provides a way for fans to bring their favorite bands home for exclusive friends and friends of friends house shows. Aspiring hosts can compete with others in to be the first house with enough friends pledging RSVPs to win.

Closeup is the easiest way for bands and solo artists to organize a house show or living room tour. They simply post their desired dates and cities, and let their fans do the rest! Shows get confirmed once fans have pledged the minimum number of RSVPs. Bands are never left wondering how much money they're going to make or if anyone is going to turn up at the show.

We'll "tech" your "stack"! was built primarily with PHP using the Symfony framework. It lives on a distributed setup on Digital Ocean and Amazon S3, and our executive chef threw in some Nginx and Apache to really bring out the umame taste profile.

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