We gravitate to the projects on that others shy away from.
  • IT Consulting, Product Development
  • 51-200 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2008

Equal parts Precision and Play

CodeScience is a provider of technology and professional services that enable organizations to deploy strategic business processes into the cloud. Our primary focus is building on the platform. Using equal parts precision and play, we create products for Salesforce ISV Partners and tackle complex Salesforce implementations. We also work with other cloud platforms such as Heroku and Box.

About Us

We aren’t shy. Acting as adults and staying as curious as kids is where CodeScientists live. We are a collection of seasoned Salesforce experts who are committed to collaboration, innovation, and creating elegant solutions for our clients. We love a good challenge, and we think the most difficult questions provide a chance for us to do what we do best: answer complexity with simplicity.

In fact, we think our work is downright fun. Maybe it’s our aversion to monotony. Maybe it’s because we embrace eccentricity and humor. Maybe it’s because we are comfortable failing fast and forward. Regardless, we have a proven track record of tackling the hard stuff. If you want to know more, ask anyone of us – we’d love to share. 

Success Predicators

As a Product Development Outsourcer, we develop cloud-based applications for ISV's with a focus on the platform.  We take on some of the toughest problems in the business, and solve those problems using the following stack:


  • Visualforce with JSRemoting to Apex Service Layer
  • AngularJS for Javascript MVC
  • Bootstrap 3 (customized with LESS) for UI foundation and responsive design
  • Yeoman/Webpack, Gulp, Bower and Node for streamlining build processes
  • Custom developed tools for Local SFDC development using mocks


  • SOA Apex architecture using modern design patterns and best practices
  • Extensive use of web services to integrate with other providers
  • Creatively solving complex problems using Batch, Schedulable, Bulk and Queue-able methods
  • Custom solutions including Heroku and AWS development  and 3rd party products like RabbitMQ and other SaaS solutions.


  • Agile methodologies including Scrum and Kanban
  • Team development using Git and GitHub
  • Continuous Integration using Jenkins, Cloudbees and CircleCI
  • Automated testing
  • Masters of Salesforce packaging, deployment and Security Review submittal

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100 Cherokee Blvd. Suite 320
Chattanooga, TN 37350
832 Cole Street
San Francisco, CA 94117