Collective Medical Technologies

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Collective Medical Technologies is a small, energetic company focused on providing web based software solutions for hospital Emergency Departments and other healthcare organizations. Located in Salt Lake City, we are lively, driven, and have a start-up atmosphere that promotes innovation and creativity. As an employee, your ideas are valued, discussed and often will be implemented.

The software we build changes peoples lives for the better. There are countless stories from nurses, physicians, and case managers whose patients were protected, helped into rehab or got better treatment because of the work we are doing. If that sounds like something you’d like to contribute to, let us know.

People who work here love it. They get lots of vacation time, sweet workstations with plenty of monitors, a fully stocked soda and snack fridge, a great view of the mountains,—where Snowbird, Solitude, Brighton, Alta, and several other of the best ski resorts in the world are located—lunch every Monday and breakfast every Friday, and last but not least, awesome people to work with. We score an 10 on the Joel Test and are working on getting that number higher.

We are looking for talented, motivated, bright individuals who want to make meaningful contributions to solutions that address real world issues.

Our Tech Stack

We love to get our hands dirty here with new tech. Recently we have been playing with Fusion IO SSD cards, Percona Atomic Write mod, Direct FS, and alot of other cool tech.

Most importantly, we love individuals who will seize the opportunity to improve the software and systems, people looking for a challenge, and folks who can suggest new ideas and innovative approaches.

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Company Benefits

  1. Excellent Medical Coverage
  2. Lots of Vacation Time
  3. Plenty of Monitors
  4. Comfy Office Chairs
  5. The Best Company Culture
  6. Great Location
  7. Well-Stocked Break Room
  8. Lunch On Us Every Monday
  9. Crazy Amazing View