Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center (CSV)

We are a team of innovators driving products and services that reach millions of people through virtually every media channel, every day.

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Comcast Silicon Valley? Yes. We're here!

We continue to inspire more cool apps and features on our award winning X1 platform to provide world class user experience. We combine our Xfinity Home and Xfi into our Digital Home Ecosystem to secure our customers' home, and enable IoT concept across all stacks of our devices to deliver a truly "smart" home!

We build highly scalable network infrastructure on Cloud to enable stronger and faster data transaction and security using Open source platform, and giving back to the community by engaging The Linux Foundation, Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform, and more...

While our applied AI group focuses on using advanced machine learning and deep learning technologies to create game changing solutions for a better customer experience, our Comcast Lab engineers look into the future and explore the possibilities of integrating drones, robotic and blockchain technologies into our platform. 

Our office has grown from one floor to three, and while we create and iterate upon some of the largest entertainment products and supporting networks anywhere, we still work hard to encourage and maintain a start-up culture.

We believe "work hard, play hard". Our Fun Committee presents tons of fun events throughout the year: Bingo, Movies at Work, LEGO Build-A-Thon, Easter Egg hunt, Comcast Cares, May the 4th Be with you, Flannel Shirt challenge...

Our TechWomen Committee hosts inspiring workshops and fun events to sustain a great environment for women to work and thrive. 

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Technologies we're working on and exploring...

Our tech stack can be clustered in a few areas:

  • Java based sitting on Cassandra for persistent data using Redis for caching
  • Rules Engine uses Go with DynomoDB for persistent data
  • IoT is built using NodeJS with Redis for caching
  • Scala code using AKKA
  • Service Orchestration written in Go using ONAP
  • Machine learning with H2O
  • Beginning to use Blockchain



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Company Benefits

  1. New product development impacting millions of customers
  2. Work life balance
  3. Agile and nimble work environment backed by a major corporation
  4. Cool/smart/great people to work with
  5. Bi-weekly lunches/free flowing snacks all day long
  6. 21 days paid time off + 7 holidays
  7. State of the art equipment for our employees
  8. Free gym membership in the building
  9. Committment to diversity
  10. We give back to the community