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What is VIPER?

VIPER is “Video IP Engineering and Research.” Comcast trusts us to design, develop, and deploy software that delivers IP video—live linear channels, on-demand shows, and cloud recordings—to subscribers nationwide.

Our software has to scale and scale big. We deliver tens of thousands of channels to tens of millions of subscribers. Software we wrote moves petabytes of video every day. Each server we build handles hundreds of transactions per second and we deploy tens of thousands of these servers all across the country.

It's an intricate system, and one that gives us great pride in what we do. And the awesome responsibility of knowing what is still left to do.

When you tour our office, you can feel the passion we have for working with IP video. Televisions are everywhere. Engineers in t-shirts and jeans are engaging one another, drawing on whiteboards, and typing furiously. Designing. Coding. Improving. Collaborating.

That things move fast at Comcast VIPER—and the people are friendly—and using cutting-edge technologies—are three things that make working here so much fun.

What our Employees are Saying

"I enjoy working here because at Comcast VIPER the software engineers get to own the product they work on. Even as a lower level engineer, we are responsible for the design, architecture, implementation and testing of the solution. We don’t get told how to build the product, or what technologies to use. This allows us to be creative and constantly learn new technology. We work on cutting edge products that hundreds of thousands of customers use every day. You are able to pull out your phone or tablet and show someone exactly what you do every day at work."  --Cory

"I have the flexibility to be productive and I get to work on projects that are interesting and add value to my career. I work with colleagues that are all highly skilled in their respective fields. The management team is supportive and provides real paths towards success. And for a bonus the company is not teetering with bankruptcy. It is like a startup environment with the big company assurances." --Eric

"I like working at Comcast VIPER because I'm able to work on new and emerging technologies, while using leading edge and multi-vendor facilities. Developing new ideas and methods for applications and tools is always possible and when scripted can be added to large existing set of Python tools." --Elliott

"It’s a fun environment with fun people and a leadership team who truly values its employees. The work is exciting and pushes people to think of new ideas, not just the same old boring routine." --Bobbi

"The work environment here is very collaborative, everyone puts their egos aside and works together toward the best solution, not the solution that one person dictates. This work environment is very fast paced and intense but we work hard together." --John

"Nice office, flexible hours, nice laptop (top of the line macbook pro) /monitors... food!!" --Dewayne

"The exciting feel of the small startup; with the backing of a corporate $ with great benefits." --JK

"I like seeing software we wrote here at VIPER be deployed to millions of subscribers and to be able to use it at home as a consumer.That we get it free is nice, too.

I like that nobody dies if our TV products ever didn't work.

I like working together on a team of brilliant engineers. And that we reside in only four time zones. Not 20. And as soon as a new video device comes out we always have new work to do.

I like watching TV at work. We call it 'testing content.' " -- Neill



Technologies we work (play) with

At VIPER, we are passionate about technology. Our adaptive streaming formats include Apple HLS and MPEG DASH. And our content plays on iPad, Android, web browsers, and IP set-top boxes—using software we implemented on iOS, Android, and HTML5/JavaScript. We have Python and Bash scripts to validate the performance and interoperability of various vendor-sourced application components. While much of our server-side code is written in C, C++, and Java, our newest server-side projects are written in Go.

We use Hadoop, Storm, and Flume to store, process, and search vast amounts of IP video related data—we can generate quality of service metrics in real time. And we wrote our own data visualization tool using a combination of Go and JavaScript.

Some of the most intricate problems we solve are in delivering alternate sources of video content, be it for presenting emergency alerts, delivering local advertising, or airing alternate channels to regions upon provider request. Alternate content systems require metadata, signaling, splicing, scaling, and reporting that is an order of magnitude more complex than primary video delivery.

VIPER Engineers have adopted the leading software engineering tools and best practices. We use Git for source code control and Jenkins for continuous integration. We do peer-to-peer code reviews. We automate unit and integration testing. All our teams are Agile—we use Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe. We are implementing the DevOps model to manage and streamline deployments of our IP Video infrastructure to sites around the country.

Our engineers and architects attend and present at conferences like ApacheCon, GopherCon, Hadoop World, KubeCon, SCTE Expo, and SMPTE.

We have lots of the latest devices and are constantly getting new toys to play (test) with. Three times per year, our engineers take on “Lab Week” projects to explore new technologies and new ideas—and present the results to the most senior management.

So check out our open positions, apply, and we'll see what you are passionate about.


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Comcast VIPER - Denver, CO
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Comcast VIPER - Denver, CO

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Comcast VIPER - Denver, CO

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Comcast VIPER - Denver, CO
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Company Benefits

  1. Weekly lunches/free flowing snacks all day long!
  2. 21 days paid time off + 7 holidays
  3. Free gym membership in the building
  4. Very competitive pay (base/bonus/options)
  5. Free Comcast cable and internet (average $300/mo value)
  6. Within walking distance of Union Station and most everything else
  7. Cool/smart/great people to work with
  8. No soup for you! What is this icon for anyway? Btw, we love Pho.
  9. Make your own schedule/flexible work hours
  10. State of the art equipment for our engineers