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Greenfields everywhere...

Connect Develop are a well-established start-up in a growth phase.

Do you like working with green-field projects?

We typically compose our projects small enough that we can replace them as they reach end-of-usefulness, allowing us to constantly write new code and evolve away from the existing.

We like to build API-driven, event-sourced .NET back-ends with a heavy emphasis on SoA/Microservices.  Behaviour-rich Single Page Applications written for web and mobile devices most typically compliment our back-ends.

We like to apply Domain-Driven-Design principles to our development practises.


We're a minimal micro-management team and like to work with responsible, self-driven peers that can independently solve problems.

We don't like to count work-hours, heavily monitor task completion or watch over your shoulder.  At all.

We don't expect you to be at peak productivity all the time, but we do need you to care passionately about what you do and be reliable.

As long as you fit the above and attend meetings as necessary, we'll be flexible towards the important things in your life that may come up.

This means that we all need to establish a trust relationship with each other to reap the benefits.

Alt .NET | Event-Driven SPAs | Emphasize Design


  • Work with modern tech like ServiceStack, EventStore, Redis & elasticsearch;
  • Use the tech to build API based, event­-sourced micro­-services for web and mobile applications;
  • Get the services to store and retreive their information in various persistence layers, very quickly;
  • Ensure all that cool stuff you built can scale reasonably.


  • Work with modern tech like React and Flux;
  • Use the tech to build asynchronous, event-based and feature-rich Single Page Applications for web and mobile;
  • Get the applications to consume Back-End APIs;
  • Ensure all that cool stuff you built is performant and targets the right devices.



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Company Benefits

  1. Above average salary for above average people :)
  2. Help with the heavy lifting; We don't skimp on tools or licences.
  3. Top quality ergonomic chairs.
  4. Seriously fast PCs.
  5. Flexibility when you need it most.
  6. Free Coffee from the local cafe.