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We believe that every patient, deserves a smooth medical journey

Working at Corilus

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Working at Corilus is about more than just having a fun job and great colleagues. Corilus lives and breathes value creation for the customer, meaning we contribute to better healthcare for all.  

Employee Delight - We aim to provide maximum employee enjoyment, so that as an employee you feel really involved in Corilus. Along with your colleagues, you will be "Proud to be Corilus".  

Employee College - It’s vital for our employees to always stay on top of the latest technological trends and current regulations in the healthcare sector.   

Onboarding Track - Our induction process, consisting of a welcome brochure, a training plan, evaluation interviews and a welcome reception, makes you feel immediately at home as a new employee.  

Human Capital - As a company, our biggest asset is our people, and Corilus is continuously evolving so that it’s “a great place to work”. Only by supporting our staff in their passion and dedication can we create a good working environment.

Java and .NET tech stack

We use state of the art technologies (with Micro-services Architectures) in an Agile and Devops way of working. Since we take the security and privacy of our clients seriously, we are also ISO27001 certified.


Job Openings

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Corilus - Gembloux, Belgium
On-site and limited remote

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Corilus - Vilvoorde, Belgium
On-site and limited remote

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Corilus - Gent, Belgium
On-site and limited remote





Digital Health, Health Care


201–500 employees







Company Benefits

  1. Company car
  2. Meal vouchers
  3. Group and hospital insurance
  4. Flexible working hours
  5. Homework
  6. Agile way of working
  7. Employee college
  8. Sport activities
  9. Offices in each region
  10. Shoulder to shoulder working atmosphere