Cosmic Cart, Inc.

The Universal Shopping Cart
  • 1-10 employees
  • VC Funded
  • Founded 2012

Work With Us

We are a small group of innovators trying to change the world of online shopping. We like the following things: technology, design, cash, and karaoke (not necessarily in that order.) Bring your mad skills; we'll give you mad challenges. Grab a task and work on it autonomously. Work with a team where it is safe to bounce around crazy ideas. We've been told by important people that we are "defying gravity" when it comes to startups, so be prepared to hit the ground running (or hover slightly above the ground and paddle through the air with your hands?)

Team and Culture

We are currently a core team of three: 1 biz-dev, 1 developer, and 1 designer. We also have a couple of interns. Everyone works very much individually, but we all gel as a team. It's probably because we actually have fun doing what we're doing and trust each other to deliver high quality results. It's a good time...better than going to the dentist.

Everyone works remotely at the moment. We would prefer developers to be in or around Durham, NC so that we can meet locally when necessary. Everyone uses their own equipment, but as a consistent development environment is crucial to a well-oiled machine, the current accepted environment includes running IntelliJ Ultimate on a Mac with the latest version of OS X. Work schedules are determined as follows: Are you awake? If yes, you should be working. Unless you need to eat. Then eat. (You can't work if you starve to death.) But seriously, you can for the most part make your own hours (within reason; we do want to be able to collaborate with you during the day) as long as you are killing your tasks. Ultimately, we're a startup; we should all be in this for the long haul so that we can all win.

Our tech stack

We have great benefits

Work remotely!

Get paid enough to eat!

Be a part of a fun team!

Take vacations in your mind!


Durham, NC