Crazy Games

We help game developers make their browser games successful by building the market-leading casual browser games platform.

Working at CrazyGames

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  • Every day we take on new challenges and learn by doing with one goal in mind: build the future of browser games!
  • We don’t lose time with long unnecessary meetings and plannings of plannings. We are lean and efficient. We analyze problems and tackle them, we take initiative and get things done.
  • We believe that diversity is a key factor in our success! We are a team of people with different backgrounds and a touch of craziness. This makes working fun and more productive.
  • We hire people that are smarter and better than the team. Learning is key to success and we want to learn from every member of the team. That’s why we only hire the best!
  • The browser gaming world is changing every day. This makes the work fun and exciting. It also requires us to work fast and efficient, knowing when to invest time and when not to.
  • We are all managers of one. What does that mean? Basecamp defined it well: A manager of one is someone who comes up with their own goals and executes them. They don’t need heavy direction. They don’t need daily check-ins. They do what a manager would do — set the tone, assign items, determine what needs to get done, etc. — but they do it by themselves and for themselves.



Computer Games, Platforms, Software Development / Engineering


1–10 employees






Company Benefits

  1. A small team with talented, skilled, and motivated colleagues.
  2. A lot of responsibility and freedom.
  3. Flexible working hours and location. The results are what count!
  4. Generous vacation policy.
  5. Visits to Leuven: we pay to visit our office in Belgium regularly.
  6. The opportunity to play games and claim it's work.