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  • Founded 2001

Working at D. E. Shaw Research

D. E. Shaw Research (DESRES) is a New York–based independent research laboratory that conducts basic scientific research in the field of computational biochemistry under the direct scientific leadership of Dr. David Shaw. Our group is currently focusing primarily on molecular simulations involving proteins and other biological macromolecules of potential interest from both a scientific and a pharmaceutical perspective. This is an ambitious, long-term project aimed in part at fundamentally transforming the process of drug discovery.

​​​The​​ DESRES team includes computational chemists and biologists, computer scientists and applied mathematicians, and computer architects and engineers, all working collaboratively within a tightly coupled interdisciplinary research environment.​​


David E. Shaw serves as Chief Scientist of D. E. Shaw Research and as a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at Columbia University. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1980, served on the faculty of the Computer Science Department at Columbia until 1986, and founded the D. E. Shaw group in 1988. Since 2001, Dr. Shaw has devoted his time to hands-on research in the field of computational biochemistry. Although he leads the lab’s research efforts in his role as Chief Scientist, his focus is largely technical, with limited involvement in operational and administrative management.

Dr. Shaw was appointed to the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology by President Clinton in 1994, and again by President Obama in 2009. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


D. E. Shaw Research has made a conscious effort to slowly and deliberately build a small team of truly extraordinary contributors rather than assembling a larger group of individuals who are simply "very good." We welcome inquiries from candidates of all backgrounds and levels of experience who display evidence of exceptional ability, and are as selective in our hiring of support personnel as we are in identifying gifted scientists and engineers.

A few of the areas in which we currently have particular needs are outlined at the bottom of this page. It's worth noting, however, that we are generally less interested in hiring someone to fill a particular "slot" than in attracting extraordinarily capable individuals who are likely to make significant contributions to our efforts over the long term. For that reason, we are open to considering unusually well-qualified applicants even if no particular position seems like an immediate match.

We are committed to fostering a stimulating, rewarding, and flexible work environment, and we are prepared to offer above-market compensation to candidates of truly exceptional ability.​​​​​​


At present, the lab is involved primarily in the design of novel algorithms and machine architectures for high-​​speed molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, and the application of such simulations to basic scientific research in structural biology and to the process of computer-aided drug design. Current projects include:

​​The ongoing development of Anton, a specialized supercomputer designed and constructed within our lab that executes MD simulations orders of magnitude faster than was previously possible. Anton allows scientists to observe, among other things, the structural changes that underlie important biological phenomena occurring on time scales far in excess of those that have thus far been computationally​​ accessible.

The application of MD simulations to elucidate the dynamics of proteins at an atomic level of detail. We are investigating, for example, the mechanisms of several pharmaceutically relevant cellular receptors, transport proteins, and enzymes. In the course of such research, we have entered into collaborative relationships with a number of experimental laboratories to help us better understand specific biological systems and to validate predictions made based on our analyses of simulation data. We have also entered into relationships with companies in the pharmaceutical sector with the aim of contributing to drug development and design.

The extension and enhancement of Desmond, a high-performance MD code we designed for use on conventional commodity clusters. Desmond’s speed is attributable to novel parallel algorithms and numerical techniques developed within our group.

The development of computational chemistry methods to enable more accurate and effective MD simulations. Our efforts in this area include the creation of improved molecular mechanics force fields, the comparison of simulation results to experimental measurements, and the exploratory development of novel methods for efficiently sampling the conformational space of proteins and other biomolecules.​​​​

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